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How to Get the Most From Mesa Amana Premium Heat Pump Installation Decision

Not Just Another Mesa Amana Premium Heat Pump Installation Company

Heat pump installation can be a tricky business. Similar performance and quality between AC manufacturers and their associated products make accurate price comparisons difficult. Buyers often spend hours trying to distinguish the fine-point distinctions between HVAC equipment performance, yet end up forgetting the importance of basing their Mesa Amana Premium Heat Pump installation decision on the quality of the installer.

The product facts are simple. When comparing quality to quality, performance to performance and efficiency to efficiency, Amana’s ASZC Series Premium Heat Pumps are a match for any existing brand. The ASZC product line comes with a mixture of options, enhanced features and performance ratings fit to match the needs of any Mesa home or business. All Amana HP equipment is backed by an industry-leading extensive warranty system, crafted for product endurance and designed to excel at meeting high-end Arizona heating and cooling requirements.

Still, a buyer should not solely focus on equipment features. To gain reliable heat pump service, buyers must also dissect the background, professional behavior, skills and training of the available Mesa Amana Premium Heat Pump installation contractors. The ASZC Series consist of some of the best heating and cooling equipment offered by Phoenix AZ Air Conditioning installation companies, yet if the Mesa Amana AC contractor fails to complete the installation with quality, attention to detail and concern for product effectiveness, the homeowner or the business owner pays a tremendous and unnecessary additional daily operating expense.

Choosing the Right Mesa Amana Premium Heat Pump Installation Company

Let’s say that the Amana Premium HP fits the bill for your home. Here’s what you need from the Arizona AC installation contractor:

  • A list of recent installs, including contact numbers
  • A list of older installs that can provide evidence of on-going customer support
  • 24/7 service response even on holidays
  • Evidence of a lengthy business history; you do want someone that will still be around in 10 to 15 years
  • A clear and written explanation of how warranty service is handled for both parts and labor
  • A detailed and written warranty for parts and service
  • A written and verbal report on which Amana system will be installed and why
  • A detailed explanation of the purposed duct system, including sizing, vent locations, return air plan and type of materials used.

In short, you need to understand what the Mesa Amana Premium Heat Pump Installation crew is doing and why. If you already have an existing duct system, make sure your AZ HP installer analyzes the need for any corrections, upgrades or replacements. If this sounds like lots of attention to detail, you are getting the picture.

Heat Pump Enhancements Included in the Amana ASZC Premium HP Line

Perhaps you have decided on a heat pump but you haven’t yet settled on the Amana Premium heat pump for your Mesa home or business. Considering Arizona climates, the HP will likely provide your primary source for heating and cooling. The Amana ASZC line is designed for enhanced reliability and performance. Perhaps the following factors will help settle your mind to go with a Mesa Amana Premium Heat Pump installation. Here are nine heat pump enhancements that Amana offers to ensure customer satisfaction:

1) Upgraded Compressor – All Amana high-efficiency heat pumps utilize scroll compressors. This means 70% fewer moving parts than a reciprocating compressor.

2) Filter Drier – Included as a factory-installed feature for extended heat pump durability, the Amana filter drier reduces system contaminants in the HP refrigerant system.

3) Crankcase Heater Components – Positioned as a wrap-around addition to the base compressor, the factory-installed Amana crankcase heater component provides several major system enhancements: 1) It reduces the migration of liquid refrigerant in the compressor shell during system shutdown under colder ambient conditions, 2) It reduces noise by eliminating excess liquid refrigerant build up in the shell and 3) It helps regulate system oil flow.

4) Accumulator – By regulating flood-back of liquid refrigerant, the Amana accumulator stores and ensures that only refrigerant vapor is permitted to enter the compressor. The storage and control functions of the accumulator help ensure longer compressor life.

5) Amana Discharge Muffler – Designed to reduce transient complications that can induce system vibration, the Amana discharge muffler effectively reduces system operational noise.

6) Low-Pressure Control Unit – Ensures that your Mesa Amana Premium Heat Pump system provides effective compressor damage control.  The factory-installed Amana low-pressure switch prevents system protection in the event of loss of refrigerant pressure.

7) Updated to R-410A Refrigerant – Designed for environmental friendly use, R-410A is a chlorine-free refrigerant. This product also enhances the reliability and durability of your Amana compressor.

8) Compressor Management – Constructed from high-density materials, the factory-installed Amana sound blanket system ensures that your installed Mesa Amana heat pump functions at a reasonable sound dB.

SmartShift™ Defrost Transition Control – Designed to reduce noise during HP defrost cycles, the Amana SmartShift™ Defrost Transition Control system ensures that your heat pump compressor remains safe during forced defrost cycles. The process is automated, seamless and eliminated excess noise during changeover.

American Cooling and Heating For Premier Mesa Amana Heat Pump Installation

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