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Trane Aluminum Spine Fin™ Coils: The Cost of Patented Performance Reduced By The ACH Year-Long 2014 Trane HVAC Deals

Trane 2014 HVAC DealsThroughout Chandler, Phoenix and Other Arizona Regions, The American Cooling and Heating 2014 Trane HVAC Deal Provides Installed Trane Spine Fin™ All-Aluminum Comfort At Reduced Prices

“Although the use of aluminum coils in heating and cooling has been around for over three decades, the Trane Spine Fin™ technology provides maximum heat transfer unique to all other brands on the market,” Chandler AZ regional ACH home advisor.

It’s exclusive. It’s unique. And it is designed to provide an easy to maintain advanced heat transfer efficiency in a unit with fewer repair demands than any other HVAC product on the market. Ammonia or amines (Stress Corrosion Cracking), hydrogen sulfide and Organic acid (Formicary Corrosion) top the list for agents that produce air conditioning corrosion. Aluminum coils are immune to these corrosive attacks. Confidence in the efficiency and durability of the patented Trane aluminum Spine Fin™ outdoors coil system, is just one more reason that American Cooling and Heating is committed to running a year long, 2014 Trane HVAC sale.

At American Cooling and Heating, making great HVAC deals is just part of meeting consumer expectations on a day-to-day basics. From Chandler AZ to Scottsdale and from Scottsdale to Buckeye and from Buckeye to Maricopa ACH trucks are on the move, carrying to Arizona homeowners the confidence of a system backed by Trane’s Aluminum Spine Fin™ Coils and an installation work crew that is second to none. But other regional states need not feel left out. These HVAC sale prices also reach outside of Arizona.

A/C Close-up: Trane Spine Fin™ Technology

Exclusively designed for use in Trane and American Standard heating and cooling products, Trane’s Spine Fin™ all-aluminum coils are durable, crafted for maximum energy efficiency and easy to maintain. Less efficient “Plate Fin Coil” heating and cooling technology used by other manufacturers deteriorates much quicker than the Trane system. The use of a design process that can require up to 30 joints further complicates “Plate Fin” coil technology. Whereas the Trane design produces no more than 10 joints. It’s a matter of fewer joints reducing chances of future system leaks.

Cleaning “Plate Fin Coils” is difficult and never fully effective. Cleaning Trane aluminum Spine Fin™ coils is quick, easy and fully effective. For a Chandler AZ homeowner, more efficient Air Conditioning maintenance means better energy efficiency for longer periods of time. Top it off with a system that avoids the electrolysis corrosion associated with linking copper pipe to aluminum pipe, and every Trane Heat Pump or Trane A/C system proves to provide long-term efficient HVAC services.

Specs and Equipment

Trane XR Heat Pump Series: When efficiency matters, and it always does, the Trane XR heat pump series provides seasonal comfort with a low overall carbon footprint. Shipping inSpine Fin Coils HVAC Deal Energy Star SEER ratings powerful enough to keep any home right-charged for the worst weather, an American Cooling and Heating installed Trane XR Heat Pump is like buying home comfort with automated yearly savings. The XR provides premium construction, innovative technology and professional installation in a single package.

Trane XR HP construction components and specs include:

**  1) The Trane ClimatuffÒ Compressor designed for quiet, efficient reliability
**  2) The Trane DuraTuffÔ Basepan manufactured impervious to corrosion, rust or warping
**  3) Compressor Sound insulators crafted to promote peaceful, noise-free system operation
**  4) Zinc coated fasters and baked-on powder painted, full-sided louvered panels
**  5) From up to 14.50 SEER with up to 8.5 HSPF in the XR13 units and to up to 18 SEER with up to 9.5 HSPF in the XR17 units
**  6) AND Trane’s proprietary all-aluminum Spine FinÔ Coil system in all units.

But the XR heat pump is only a mid-range sampling of Trane’s heating and cooling equipment options. Every Trane Air Conditioning Condensing system enables Arizona homeowners to reap the benefits of the Trane aluminum Spine FinÔ Coils technology. American Cooling and Heating has lowered the bar on HVAC pricing even as they set the standards for quality service, AC installation and reliable workmanship.

Other popular on-sale Trane heating and cooling products that use Spine FinÔ technology include:

*  Air Conditioning Condensing Units
*  Packaged HP Systems
*  Split Systems in both 1-phase and 3-phase designs
*  AND more.

2014 American Cooling and Heating HVAC Sale

Throughout 2014, every ACH installed Air Conditioning system is sale priced to win buyers, and fully warranted by the ACH lifetime assurance of quality workmanship. The service crew is on hand 24/7, ready to provide Arizona residents with:

**  FREE estimates
**  Custom unit options right-sized for the installation environment
**  On-time cost savings
**  On-time delivery
**  Professional A/C installation that meets or exceeds local, national and manufacturer installation codes and that bears the ACH lifetime guarantee of workmanship reliability
**  HVAC equipment with manufacturer performance warranties
**  MORE.

And it’s not just about Trane products. The HVAC deals at ACH include heat pumps, air conditioning systems, air handlers and more from Amana, Carrier, Goodman, Rheem, Trane and other popular vendors. For more details, contact:




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