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Liebert DS Cooling Configurations

Liebert DS Configuration - UpFlowLiebert DS Cooling Pre-Installation Guidelines

Liebert precision cooling systems are crafted to ensure reliable energy-efficient data center temperature management and more. Yet gaining the benefits of cost-effective data room management demands operative post-installation services. Crafted to contend in all areas of data center efficiency, the Liebert precision line of cooling products includes:

  • Reliable temperature control
  • Efficient cooling racks
  • User-oriented management software
  • Quality surge suppression
  • AND Top-line CRAC cooling units.

Designed to meet and exceed “exact” control room parameters, the Liebert DS cooling system uses advanced dual circuitry that ensures proficient management of airflow, humidity and temperature. It’s a flexible key that assures superior data center performance. When supplemented by the Liebert iCOM control system, the Liebert DS cooling system provides a robust modular-frame solution for data centers and CRAC environments.

But performance is typically defined by the quality of the foundation. When sitting up Liebert DS Cooling configurations, the following Liebert pre-installation guidelines are standard:

  • Proper room preparation
  • Air distribution in downflow units and plenum ducting
  • Air distribution in upflow units
  • Routing for wiring, piping and ductwork as well as other connections and system setup processes
  • Operating conditions
  • The recommended ASHRAE operations envelope defined as defined for data centers in matters concerning cooling, dehumidification and humidification
  • Maximum heating-only temperatures as limited by the qualifications of the Liebert DS.

If the preceding guidelines pop your head full of more questions than answerers, you have come to the right place. Effective CRAC services begin with efficient installation and carry through to reliable system maintenance and services. Rightly configuring your Liebert DS cooling system for optimal performance requires skill, training, and on-the-job know-how. As a world renown leader in manufacture and installation of mission-critical Liebert precision cooling systems and CRAC products, Arizona based American Cooling and Heating can help you get your system up and running quickly and efficiency.

Time Out For Q&A!

For what purpose serves a time delay on an AC unit?


When running a single-phase scroll compressor, you may encounter concerns about a pressure-equalization time delay. During off-cycle pressure equalization, scroll compressors spin backwards. Short cycling and energizing a scroll during this time period can cause the unit to continue spinning backwards. Once initiated, this reverse spin will continue until manual ended or the unit trips on internal overloads. Thus may end the life your scroll compressor.

More often than not, a time delay will be linked to anti-short cycling. Short cycling during compressor rush can cause the system to continuously trip a low-pressure safety switch, which in turn can damage the unit. By taking advance of features in a pump down solenoid, some systems isolate refrigerant during off cycling. If the compressor is controlled solely off the LP safety, a faulty LL solenoid can cause pressure to rise in the evaporator during an off cycle. This problem can be present in the recip compressor of an older Liebert Deluxe system.

5 Field Options for Liebert DS Cooling Configurations

1) AIR-COOLED – Liebert DS Cooling Configuration

This process requires piping of field-supplied refrigerant to the condenser. The unit contains a nitrogen holding charge and factory-issued piping is spun closed.

2) GLYCOL-COOLED – Liebert DS Cooling Configuration

Factory charged and confirmed reliable, Glycol-cooled Liebert DS units require field supplied and installed piping from the pump package to the drycooler.


As with the base Glycol-cooled unit, Glycool systems ship factory charged and tested. Piping from the pump package to the drycooler is field supplied and field installed. To complete the installation, cold glycol is circulated through a secondary Liebert Economizer coil that is designed to reduce compressor load when fluid temperatures drop below room temperature.

4) WATER-COOLED – Liebert DS Cooling Configuration

As with the other units, a water-cooled Liebert DS system ships factory charged and factory tested. The piping that runs from the cooling tower to the unit is field supplied and field installed.

5) DUAL-COOL – Liebert DS Cooling Configuration

The dual-cool Liebert DS also incorporates a secondary cooling coil. This unit utilizes access to an external source for chilled water. Cooling is supplemented and improved by circulating chilled water through the secondary coil system.

ACH, Arizona Liebert Precision Cooling Systems

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