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Climate of Fear and Global Warming – From the Viewpoint of Thomas Gale Moore

Climate of Fear Author Thomas MooreThomas Gale Moore, Author of “Climate of Fear: Why We Shouldn’t Worry About Global Warming”

In a nation already gutted by fear tactics, a climate of fear seems the natural by-product of politics and global warming. With daily claims that the climate is changing and that immediate preventative action is the only way to divert the world from a course of certain disaster, the popular media leads the bandwagon of national panic. The “prophets” of global warming, including Bert Bolin, Robert Watson and Benjamin Santer proclaim the dangers of human-triggered emission of greenhouse gases. And the prestigious news leaders such as Scientific American and the Public Broadcasting System fuel the flames by exciting the fear that provides a world of politicians with new ways for amassing voters and supporters.

But not everyone follows the same drumbeat. In the written works of Thomas Gale Moore, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, the picture of global warming and world disaster takes on a different color. From Mr. Moore’s point of view: Policies designed to “slash the emission of greenhouse gases,” may result in a worldwide recession accompanied by unnecessary increases in unemployment, civil turbulence and international strain on and between the nations.

As the author of “Climate of Fear: Why We Shouldn’t Worry About Global Warming,” Mr. Moore boldly addresses the flip side of changing climate and the assumed associated complications (1).


Who Is Thomas Gale Moore and Why Is “Climate of Fear” A Worthwhile Read?

As a specialist in many fields, including studies pertaining to environmental conditions, Thomas Gale Moore has written and published books on privatization, stock market margins, wage management and global warming. Along with “Climate of Fear,” Mr. Moore is also the author of “Health and Amenity Effects of Global Warming.” He has actually published over thirty articles dealing with climate change and the dangers “so-called” of global warming.

His career began in the mid 1950s when he attended MIT followed by a four-year stint in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War. In 1957, Mr. Moore completed the requirements for a B.A. degree at George Washing University. He went on to attend the University of Chicago between 1950 and 1961 where he earned his M.A. and a Ph. D. in economics.

Between 1985 and 1989, Thomas Gale Moore served on the Council on Economic Advisers as established by then President Ronald Reagan (2). As acting supervisor to a workforce of economists designated to notify Mr. Regan on issues pertaining to:

· Agriculture
· Environmental Conditions
· Tax Issues
· U.S. Health Situations
· AND More,

Thomas Moore established himself as a major player in U.S. and world affairs. Earlier national service positions include the role of Senior Staff Economist during a 1968 to 1970 stint in regulatory and industrialized business issues. Moore has also served as Assistant Professor at the Carnegie Institute of Technology and later as Professor of Economics at Michigan State University. His published works have appeared in academic journals, legal and political publications and various outlets of the popular press.

In “Climate of Fear: Why We Shouldn’t Worry About Global Warming” Mr. Moore addresses the risks associated with following the advice of those who advocate immediate andglobal warming all-inclusive U.S. focus on managing and controlling perceived human-triggered changes in climate. According to Mr. Moore, the current and proposed U.S. policies designed to reduce emissions impose a serious threat on the resources for energy that drive our economy, our work options and even our automobiles. Furthermore, the cost for heating and cooling our homes will increase. Home comfort levels will suffer. Travel will decrease. And huge amounts of financial output will be wasted on unproven efforts to curve the use of fossil fuels.

In the words of Mr. Moore, “Cost/benefit analysis constitutes the only rational approach,” to managing the effects “so-called” of global warming. We do not need to press forward with a climate of fear, but rather with a voice of reason.


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