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Leaky Heat Pumps Expensive To Operate and Unhealthy Too

Leaky Heat Pumps - Old CarrierLeaky Heat Pumps Waste Refrigerant

Although leaky heat pumps may waste refrigerant, they do not consume refrigerant. If your home or business Phoenix air conditioning system requires frequent refrigerant “top-offs,” the unit is not using refrigerant; it is leaking refrigerant. For you this means increased operating costs, less HP efficiency and possible contamination the eco-system.

Any HVAC unit that requires frequent refrigerant charges should be checked for cause and effect. You need to understand that merely adding refrigerant is not a variable solution to the leaky heat pump expensive operating faults. Quality Arizona Air Conditioning Repair never simply add AC refrigerant to a leaking heat pump. Testing the system is the only efficient solution to a heat pump or AC leak. This means isolating and repairing the leak before correcting the system’s refrigerant pressure.


Older Leaky Heat Pumps Use Unhealthy Chlorodifluoromethane Gases

Since the early 1990s, the U.S. has been in the process of phasing out chlorodifluoromethane (HCFC-22 or R-22 or Freon) refrigerants. Identified as a substance that depletes the planet’s ozone layer, Freon actively contributes to the dangers associated with global warming. Regulated under the 2010 Clean Air Act, Freon is banned from use in new heat pumps and other air conditioning equipment.

In order to prevent further atmosphere contamination, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) promotes recycling the gas from old air conditioning and leaky HP pump equipment. Beginning in 2020, R-22 will no longer be available for use in existing heat pumps and other air conditioning equipment. Diminishing supply is creating a continuously increase in the cost of R-22 gas. This makes your leaky HP expensive to operate as well as unhealthy to you and the rest of the world.


Leaky Heat Pumps Expensive To Operate

Old or new, any leaky air conditioning system is expensive to operate: 1) Because it requires additional service calls, 2) Because it functions less efficiently than a fully charged system and 3) Because it provides less household comfort. However, for older Freon-based air conditioning and heat pump units, make sure you call a Phoenix Heat Pump repair center that is EPA certified for R-22 issues. Typically identified as “Section 608 certification,” the EPA tech certification assures you that your Arizona heating and cooling repair center understands the laws, allowable uses and discharge specifications concerning R-22 refrigerant.

But remember, the cost of Freon is on the rise. Not all shops equally price the gas, so make sure you ask in advance what it will cost per pound to charge your system is leaky freon is an issue.

You might also want to consider replacing your worn Phoenix Heat Pump system. Modern HVAC equipment is remarkably more energy efficient that the older units. Along with the use of new less-expensive EPA-approved refrigerant gases, modern Heat Pumps also: 

  • Consume less electricity
  • Provide better whole-home comfort
  • Are designed for longer durability
  • Require fewer AC and Heat Pump service calls
  • Include extended product warranties and Air Conditioning installer guarantees.


Avoid the Waste, Expense and Health Issues

Don’t put up with the expensive waste of freon associated with leaky heat pumps. Arizona-based American Cooling and Heating provides Valley-wide residential and commercial air conditioning and heating repairs, services and installations. Our technical service team is on hand 24-hours per day, providing free estimates and repairs for all types of: 

  • Air handlers
  • Cooling equipment
  • Heat pumps,   
  • Furnaces
  • Refrigeration
  • And other HVAC Equipment.

Look for us throughout the Phoenix Arizona Metro region and all surrounding cities, towns and areas. For more info, click here.





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