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My A/C Is Broken, And What Now?

Arizona A/C Service Company American Cooling And Heating Announces Availability Of “Round The Clock” Emergency A/C Service

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Don’t panic, there’s hope!

When the temperatures rise into the 90’s or even 100’s, like it commonly does in areas like Phoenix AZand Mesa AZ, the first thing that pops into most people’s mind is getting that A/C on. and quickly! However, like all pieces of machinarly, the air conditioner is susceptible to breaking, especially when it has to work hard to keep a house cool in extreme temperatures. So when someone goes to turn on that air conditioning system and finds out it isn’t cooling the house like it should, what should they do?

Call a 24 hour emergency A/C service

For most people, fixing a complex piece of machinery like an air conditioner is not something they can tackle alone. Because of that, calling an expert is a must. There are plenty of companies out there, especially in a hot climate like the Phoenix AZ area. Every A/C service company is not the same. One thing that many people find, after they are faced with an outage that makes life miserable for the whole family, is that many A/C companies are unwilling to make emergency calls. This can be very stressful, because even at night or on the weekend, a broken air conditioner is often too much of a problem to simply wait for normal business hours. Those in the Mesa AZPhoenix AZ or other areas in Arizona will find that American Cooling And Heating is the perfect company to call when things get hot.

Stay Cool

The team at American Cooling And Heating respond quickly to emergency calls regarding broken A/C systems. However, in the meantime it is important that those in this situation find ways to keep the family cool. If possible, it may be best for families to visit friends, go on a day trip or do other activities to get out of the house. The distraction will be nice, and they can stay cool in the car or in other air conditioned areas. If a person finds they must stay at home while waiting for the air conditioning service, here are some simple ways to stay cool in a home with no air conditioning:

Take a Shower – getting wet will provide a temporary coolness, as the skin dries. 
Open Windows – Even if it is hot outside, sometime just getting the air circulating around the house makes a big difference. 
Enjoy Cool Treats – Ice cream, iced tea and frozen berries are all good choice that keep a person cool while they enjoy them. 
Spend Time Downstairs – Heat rises. The hottest part of the home will be the top floor, and the coolest will be the lower floor. Those with a basement will find that the basement is often several degrees cooler than upstairs. 
Turn off lights, ovens and electronics – While a household can’t shut down just because the air conditioner is broken, turning off unneeded electronics makes a difference to the overall temperature.

Most people dread the thought of a broken air condition in the heat of the summer. While it is certainly not a fun thing to experience, it does not have to be the major hassle that many people imagine. The most important thing is to get the system back up and running as soon as possible. Calling a 24 hour emergency AC service is the best way to rest assured that a home’s air conditioning sytem can be fixed quickly and easily. Those who have gone through the process know that all a person can do is relax, stay cool and wait for the system to once again become operational.

Emergency AC Service 24/7

American Cooling And Heating employs technicians who are master journeymen with advanced skills. We provide emergency service for all brands of residential and commercial HVAC units. We are proud to provide our services to customers all over Scottsdale, as well as in the surrounding area. With our company, you can always count on honesty, competitive pricing, and high-quality service..

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