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Features of the Trane ComfortLink II Thermostat System

Nexia Home AutomationTrane ComfortLink II Thermostat System Receives Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award

In October of 2010, Popular Mechanics announced a positive first look at the soon-to-release Trane ComfortLink II thermostat unit. Public interest immediately followed the announcment. But face it: Any time an HVAC manufacturing company or any other company picks up a Breakthrough Award from a publisher known for recognizing world-changing technology, homeowners and business owners will begin to take serious notice.

Public release of this new Trane A/C temperature control product wouldn’t happen before early 2011. But the news was out. Trane was about to release the most advanced home comfort device of modern technology. Highlighted by a seven-inch interactive control screen, this innovative heating and cooling control unit offered:

  • A touch screen with high-definition color display
  • Central HVAC planning control via an integrated calendar
  • Simplicity of use with a focus on fast-paced home lifestyles
  • Intuitive programming features
  • Automated service reminders
  • Onboard daily, weekly and monthly runtime monitoring
  • A personalized experience
  • AND more.

Six Years of Trane ComfortLink II Satisfaction and Improvements

When it comes to innovation, new technology, and product reliability Trane has always been in the forefront of home air conditioning solutions. In 2010, Popular Mechanics proclaimed Trane heating and cooling products among “The Year’s 10 Most Transformative Products.” But that was six years ago.

What about now?

What about 2016 HVAC applications?

Has, through the years, the technology that drives the Trane ComfortLink II home thermostat control unit proven durable as well as successful?

Well. First off, the ComfortLink II home control unit has never been considered a typical thermostat. It came out as a unit that served as a one-of-a-kind zoning and controls HVAC product manager. When coupled to a wireless in-home router via a personal app, the system enables instant access and control over the installed ComfortLink system. Homeowners can even view and manage the comfort level of individual rooms within the home. And it is custom to personal taste. With ComfortLink, homeowners can go light with simple thermostat controls or they can go deep by viewing and managing home humidity, indoor air quality and the temperature management of individual rooms.

But go even deeper, Trane ComfortLink II functions also include on-screen tracking of current weather alerts and 5-day weather forecast for their precise location, all of this completed by an up-to-minute radar image of current conditions.

So what defines the distinctions between then and now, 2011 and 2016, modern heat pumps versus aged air conditioning systems, and current WiFi technology versus previous WiFi technology. One immediate fact surfaces: the performance of WiFi-based communication systems. For any form of digital communication, speed is the primary factor of increased product performance.

In March 2003, 3G came out as a new standard in mobile phone network technology. Users received greater data bandwidth, quicker web browsing and image-based functionality. It marked a giant step in the evolution of camera phones. Then along toward the end of 2008, WiMax networks made the scene. Shortly thereafter, during 2009 and 2010, 4G.LTE provided a considerable increase in performance, reliability and usability. And now we stand with 5G pushing around the corners. And on the side of land-based communications, Google Fiber excites millions of users with the prospects of a new and improved land speed.

What does all this mean when looking at the Trane ComfortLink II home thermostat system? Users gain improved functionality, greater speed, and quicker data feedback. So let’s close by zooming in on the current:

Trane ComfortLink II Thermostat SystemComfortLink™ II XL950

Wi-Fi Thermostat

What you get…

A remote heating and cooling management device that is much more than a mere thermostat. The Trane comfortLink Wi-Fi thermostat is actually a home-energy command center. It’s digital, programmable, easy to use, and ready made for the quickest in remote system access. Features include:

  • Air Quality Management via exclusive cycling controls. Maximize indoor air quality with a minimum of effort
  • Zoning Sophisticated via rapid and simple on-screen instructions. Monitor and update multiple zone settings
  • Event Scheduling that includes single or recurring management functions. Craft custom cooling and heating schedules that meet the precise lifestyle of your family
  • Personalized Digital Displays that enable your ComfortLink II to serve as an individualized home digital picture frame
  • 7 Days Programmable
  • 5 Heating Stages
  • And already Wi-Fi configured to match your home Internet connection device.

And the best point about Trane ComfortLink thermostat technology: By constantly updating to handle new techno advancements, the Trane home heating and cooling management system continues to rival the features of any home thermostat on the market.

Get yours ComfortLink now. Contact your local Arizona American Cooling and Heating supply team.



Tempe AZ Trane HP and A/C Condensing System Sales-Spree Jump-Starts the Local 2014 Air Conditioning Installation and Upgrade Decision-Making Process

Trane A/C Condensing UnitsArizona HVAC Sales and Installation Center, American Cooling and Heating, Offers Cost-Effective Buyer Incentives Guaranteed to Make Buying a Trane Air Conditioning System Number One On the Tempe AZ Home Improvement List

“Age catches the equipment and before you know it homeowners are spending so much on Air Conditioning maintenance that our Trane A/C and HP condensing sale makes turning the corner of system-replacement a best-choice option for every Arizona resident,” ACH Sales rep, Tempe Arizona office.

In a land where dust storms can swell into an all out “haboob”, the outdoor A/C condensing unit faces a tough task. Wind gusts that hit sixty miles per hour and reduce visibility to ¼ mile or less don’t exactly promote peak Heat Pump performance. Yet when concentrated heat from within a structure is collected and then passed over the outside condensing coils, the fire inside a structure should be discharged into the fire outside the structure. American Cooling and Heating makes certain the process functions correctly.

For efficient operation, the exterior A/C or HP condensing unit must move lots of air quickly and effectively. Dirt, nearby debris and even overgrown bushes can hinder that flow. Failure to accomplish this task efficiency imposes additional ware and tear on the entire heating and cooling system. To ensure efficient operation of exterior Air Conditioning and Heat Pump condensing coils, American cooling and Heating recommends that Arizona homeowners contract for an ACH semi-annual A/C tune-up program, a program that includes cleaning the coils as well as making other major equipment performance adjustments.

If the fan in the A/C condensing unit cannot move sufficient air at a reasonable pace, the cost of home cooling increases, the waste of resources necessary for generating electricity rises, and the life cycle of the outdoor cooling unit decreases. Sometimes the solution lies in proper HVAC equipment maintenance. But sometimes wear-and-tear combines with age to indicate the need for a better solution that includes replacement of the exterior system with a new Trane Heat Pump or Trane Air Conditioning condensing unit.

Now is the time to get best pricing on all ACH installed Tempe AZ and other regional East Valley Trane air conditioning equipment. Throughout 2014 American Cooling and Heating is pricing Trane HVAC sales and installation to jump-start local A/C buying decisions. The deals are already available. There is no need to wait for better pricing. It’s a win-win situation. ACH gets to pay more taxes and that makes the IRS smile. Tempe AZ homeowners save money on the cost of replacing or installing new Trane cooling and heating equipment and that makes the family smile.

Quick Overview of Trane Air Conditioning Condensing Units

On Sale Trane XV Series A/C Condensing Units

*  XV20i Energy Star rated with support for up to 20 SEER, 55 dB sound rating and precision comfort to ½ degree.

*  XV18 Energy Star rated with support for up to 18 SEER at a nominal sound level of 55 dB and with humidity control comfort features.


On Sale Trane XL Series A/C Condensing Units

*  XL20i Energy Star rated supporting up to 20 SEER, 72 dB nominal sound rating and Dual Climatuff® compressors.

*  XL18i with Energy Star ratings at up to 18 SEER. Includes two-stage Climatuff® compressor and Trane’s exclusive Spine Fin™ coil. All with 73 dB nominal sound level.

*  XL16i Energy Star rated, 16.50 SEER efficiency, installed exclusive Spine Fin™ coil technology and the durability of a Climatuff® compressor. Nominal sound level hangs at 73 dB.

*  XL15i with Energy Star ratings, 16.50 SEER, Climatuff® compressor, 73 dB nominal sound level and the exclusive Trane Spine Fin™ coil system.


On Sale Trane XR Series A/C Condensing Units

*  XR17 with up to 18 SEER from an Energy Star rated unit boasting the Trane two-stage Climatuff® compressor and the Trane-exclusive Spine Fin™ coil system. Holds a 74 dB nominal sound level.

*  XR16 Energy Star ratings with up to 17 SEER on a Climatuff® compressor backed by the exclusive Spine Fin™ coil system.

*  XR15 with up to 17 SEER on a Trane Climatuff® compressor backed by the exclusive Spine Fin™ coil. Energy Star rated and with 74 dB nominal sound rating.

*  XR13 Energy Star ratings backed by the Climatuff® compressor with supporting exclusive Spine Fin™ coil system. Up to 14.50 SEER at 75 dB sound ratings.


On Sale Trane XB Series A/C Condensing Units

*  XB16 Supporting up to 16.50 SEER at 79 dB in an Energy Star rated unit backed with the exclusive Trane Spine Fin™ coil efficiency.

*  XB14 Energy Star rated, Climatuff® compressor driven unit sporting up to 16.50 SEER on the exclusive Spine Fin™ coil efficiency system. Nominal sound rating: 78 dB.

*  XB13 Energy Star unit that uses the Climatuff® compressor wrapped in the exclusive Spine Fin™ coil system. Supports up to 14.50 SEER.

*  XB300 Compact unit support up to 13 SEER on the Climatuff® Compressor. Not Energy Star rated but makes great low-cost home system. Nominal sound rating runs 82 dB.

All ACH delivered and installed Trane air conditioning sales packages include:

**  Custom sizing for the right residential fit

**  24/7 support line

**  Quality workmanship

**  Guaranteed installation according to manufacturer specifications and local/national codes

**  ACH lifetime workmanship warranty

**   AND much more.


Sale prices are available on all models of Trane A/C condensing systems, but the ACH Trane sale is not limited to outdoor components. American Cooling and Heating sells and installs complete HVAC solutions as manufactured by nearly every major system provider on the planet, including Amana, Carrier, Goodman, Rheem, Trane and others. Pricing plus service plus warranty is what makes American Cooling and Heating a top-line HVAC dealer.

**    A/C Systems

**    Heat Pumps

**    HP Package Units

**    Split Heat Pump Systems

**    AND More.






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Why’s My Bill So High? Leaky Ducts Will Drain Your Wallet, Sealing Leaky Ducts Can Curb Energy Bills

A/C Service Expert American Cooling And Heating Announces New A/C Services And Gives Advice On How To Prevent Cooling Losses Through Duct Leaks

In hot Arizona summers, it’s important to have an efficient cooling system. If a home has leaky ducts, its cooling system will not perform at its best, and will end up costing the homeowner extra money in higher energy bills. Sealing leaky ducts can help.

Leaky ducts are not rare. In fact, the federal Energy Star program says that the average home loses 20 percent of its conditioned air through leaky ducts. This wasted cooled and heated air means the home’s cooling and heating system will perform less efficiently.

American Cooling and Heating recommends that if cooling and heating bills go up, ducts should be inspected for leaks, as higher energy bills can signify energy loss through leaky ducts. Ducts may also fall into disrepair or become disconnected. A professional HVAC contractor at American Cooling and Heating can perform a thorough evaluation, seal leaks and repair or reconnect ducts. A contractor can also insulate ductwork that passes through areas that do not receive cooling and heating, such as attic, garages and crawl spaces.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of sealing leaky ducts:

Lower energy bills. 
Lower repair costs and fewer repairs. 
More efficient system. 
More comfortable rooms because the system will have the efficiency to reach every room with even temperatures. 
Cleaner indoor air because irritants and allergens cannot sneak into the duct system. 
Environmental stewardship because of conserved energy. 
Peace of mind, knowing the HVAC system is running efficiently and is safe.

Sealing leaky ducts is a good step toward energy efficiency. American Cooling And Heating also recommends comprehensive preventive maintenance in addition to duct sealing. Routine service extends the life of your equipment. Both duct sealing and preventive maintenance can pay for themselves in lower energy bills, fewer repairs and lower repair costs.

American Cooling And Heating has one of the best reputations in the industry

“Our HVAC Service Team can quickly and efficiently perform Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Repair or Replacement. We provide AC Service for Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, and all surrounding areas in Arizona. “

Arizona Air Conditioning Service Center For AC Repair And AC Installation

“We provide AC Repair and AC Replacement of Carrier, Goodman, Amana, Rheem, Ruud, Trane, Lennox, York, and all brands and types of Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Units and all AC Systems. Our expert technicians are courteous and polite and will provide you with the highest quality of Service, all of our Service trucks are fully stocked to get your Air Conditioning or Heating System up and running asap.”

High Temperature Warning, The Dangers Of Heat For The Elderly

A/C Service Expert American Cooling And Heating Gives Sound Advice On How To Stay Safe This Summer

A/C Service Expert American Cooling And Heating Provides Advice On How To Stay Safe During The Summer 

Following simple guidelines may reduce the risks associated with heat.

With summer in full swing, there is unfortunately more to think about than vacations and picnics. High temperatures can pose a danger for everyone, but especially for the elderly. Especially in areas such as Tempe, AZ or Phoenix, AZ, extreme summer temperatures put older people at risk for developing dangerously high body temperatures, which is known as hyperthermia. This is the result of the human body’s inability to properly regulate the core body temperature after it has been exposed to very high temperatures. Related problems can occur as well including dizziness, fatigue, heat stroke and cramps. However, following some simple tips can help reduce this risk.

Air Conditioning is Vital

If you have older loved ones, making sure they have adequate air conditioning in their home is the best way to protect them from these ill effects of the high heat. If your loved one does not already have a system installed, American Cooling and Heating is currently offering great prices on new installations. Once the system is installed, easy temperature control is at his or her fingertips.

If your loved one has a system that is not working as well as it should, call American Cooling and Heating and let them come out and see what the problem is. American offers service 24/7, so even if the system goes out at night or on the weekend, you can get it repaired quickly and efficiently.

If you have any questions about service or installations, call American and let one of the experts help you every step of the way.

Other Ways to Beat the Heat

There are other ways to stay cool, too. If air conditioning is unavailable, elderly individuals should try to spend time during the heat of the day at senior centers, libraries, shopping malls or other areas with good temperature control.

Staying hydrated is important too, and seniors should drink plenty of water, while avoiding caffeine and alcohol. Taking a cool shower or bath can help lower the core body temperature for an hour or more after the fact.

Relax During Heat Waves

Dangerously high temperatures should be avoided, especially by the elderly. However, no matter how cool the house is, older individuals should make an effort to relax and not overwork themselves during periods of high temperatures. Saving chores for after dark or for when the heat wave breaks is an important way to avoid the perils associated with high temperatures.

Air Conditioning Services In Arizona

American Cooling And Heating provides 24HR Air Conditioning Repair and Air Conditioning Installation Service for:

Chandler AZ, Gilbert AZ, Glendale AZ, Mesa AZ, Peoria AZ, Phoenix AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Sun City AZ, Tempe AZ, Queen Creek AZ, All Other Areas.

“We provide AC Repair and AC Replacement of Carrier, Goodman, Amana, Rheem, Ruud, Trane, Lennox, York, and all brands and types of Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Units and all AC Systems. Our expert technicians are courteous and polite and will provide you with the highest quality of Service, all of our Service trucks are fully stocked to get your Air Conditioning or Heating System up and running asap.”

My A/C Is Broken, And What Now?

Arizona A/C Service Company American Cooling And Heating Announces Availability Of “Round The Clock” Emergency A/C Service

“A/C Service In AZ”

Don’t panic, there’s hope!

When the temperatures rise into the 90’s or even 100’s, like it commonly does in areas like Phoenix AZand Mesa AZ, the first thing that pops into most people’s mind is getting that A/C on. and quickly! However, like all pieces of machinarly, the air conditioner is susceptible to breaking, especially when it has to work hard to keep a house cool in extreme temperatures. So when someone goes to turn on that air conditioning system and finds out it isn’t cooling the house like it should, what should they do?

Call a 24 hour emergency A/C service

For most people, fixing a complex piece of machinery like an air conditioner is not something they can tackle alone. Because of that, calling an expert is a must. There are plenty of companies out there, especially in a hot climate like the Phoenix AZ area. Every A/C service company is not the same. One thing that many people find, after they are faced with an outage that makes life miserable for the whole family, is that many A/C companies are unwilling to make emergency calls. This can be very stressful, because even at night or on the weekend, a broken air conditioner is often too much of a problem to simply wait for normal business hours. Those in the Mesa AZPhoenix AZ or other areas in Arizona will find that American Cooling And Heating is the perfect company to call when things get hot.

Stay Cool

The team at American Cooling And Heating respond quickly to emergency calls regarding broken A/C systems. However, in the meantime it is important that those in this situation find ways to keep the family cool. If possible, it may be best for families to visit friends, go on a day trip or do other activities to get out of the house. The distraction will be nice, and they can stay cool in the car or in other air conditioned areas. If a person finds they must stay at home while waiting for the air conditioning service, here are some simple ways to stay cool in a home with no air conditioning:

Take a Shower – getting wet will provide a temporary coolness, as the skin dries. 
Open Windows – Even if it is hot outside, sometime just getting the air circulating around the house makes a big difference. 
Enjoy Cool Treats – Ice cream, iced tea and frozen berries are all good choice that keep a person cool while they enjoy them. 
Spend Time Downstairs – Heat rises. The hottest part of the home will be the top floor, and the coolest will be the lower floor. Those with a basement will find that the basement is often several degrees cooler than upstairs. 
Turn off lights, ovens and electronics – While a household can’t shut down just because the air conditioner is broken, turning off unneeded electronics makes a difference to the overall temperature.

Most people dread the thought of a broken air condition in the heat of the summer. While it is certainly not a fun thing to experience, it does not have to be the major hassle that many people imagine. The most important thing is to get the system back up and running as soon as possible. Calling a 24 hour emergency AC service is the best way to rest assured that a home’s air conditioning sytem can be fixed quickly and easily. Those who have gone through the process know that all a person can do is relax, stay cool and wait for the system to once again become operational.

Emergency AC Service 24/7

American Cooling And Heating employs technicians who are master journeymen with advanced skills. We provide emergency service for all brands of residential and commercial HVAC units. We are proud to provide our services to customers all over Scottsdale, as well as in the surrounding area. With our company, you can always count on honesty, competitive pricing, and high-quality service..

“To schedule immediate repair or replacement service, call us today.”

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