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Expert Carrier AC Installation for Cool Phoenix Living

Home air conditioning is all about personal and family comfort. But what you buy, how much you spend and how effective if works depends as much on location and installation as it does on product quality. Carrier produces some of the best home air conditioning systems in the world, but how do you know which Carrier A/C system best fits your Phoenix AZ home, and which expert Carrier AC installation crew can get the job done quickly, efficiently and right?


What’s It Like To Live In Arizona, Around The Valley, In Gilbert, Mesa And Other Phoenix Regions?

On the positive side, you can expect sunny days, some harsh weather and some nice weather, toll-free roads, gun laws that favor the victim rather than the criminal, good people with conservative attitudes, few labor disputes, and a mixture of climate and geography that includes canyons, forests and deserts.

On the negative side, you may encounter a shortage of competitive jobs, an economy too dependent on construction and retiree-owned real estate, dry air and perhaps an over-abundance of sun, lots of small houses too close together, a shortage of shade, and that awesome endless press of summer heat.

In other words, Arizona is not New York City and the need for high performance expert Carrier AC installation and cooling power rules dominate for more than seven months per year.


Quite Comfort With Installed Carrier A/C in Phoenix

Weather is often unpredictable, but around Gilbert, Peoria, Scottsdale and other valley regions, the heat typically far surpasses the cool. Home should be a place for comfort and relaxation. An American Cooling and Heating installed Carrier air conditioning system assures you and your family of reliable, energy-efficient and long-term home comfort.

Carrier home heating and cooling equipment is crafted to provide precise and consistent user control of air quality, room-to-room temperature and humidity levels. The units are designed for quiet operation with the:

  • Infinity® Series coming in with sound levels as low as 69dB to 65dB
  • Performance Compact and the Performance/ Comfort™ Series ranging from 68dB to 73dB
  • AND the Comfort/Base systems tapping in at a mere 72dB.


Energy-Efficient Arizona Home Cooling With Expert Carrier AC Installation

Carrier has introduced some of the most ground-breaking heating and cooling technology on the market. From heat pumps to central air conditioners and from ductless systems to furnaces, the energy efficiency of the Carrier HVAC product line ranks with the best in the world with the:

  • Infinity® Series hitting up to 21 SEER and up to 15 EER
  • Infinity/ Performance™ Series stroking up to 18 SEER and 13.7 EER
  • Performance Compact and the Performance/ Comfort™ Series coming in at up to 18 SEER and 13.8 EER
  • AND the Comfort/Base systems pushing out up to 16.5 SEER and up to 13.5 EER.


Expert Arizona Carrier AC Installation

In a metaphorical sense of location, friendly people and a diversified environment Arizona is a cool place to live. In a literal sense of pressing temperatures and harsh wind patterns, Arizona can be a very hot place to live. Carrier air conditioning can make the difference between good living and miserable living. The equipment is designed to provide efficient, cost-effective heating and cooling. However, without expert Arizona Air Conditioning installation, even the best HVAC product on the market can perform poorly and inadequately.

Carrier is crafted for comfort. The Infinity® Series, Infinity/ Performance™ Series and the 24CB7 Model of the Performance/ Comfort™ Series take advantage of 2-stage scroll compressor technology. All Carrier units can be purchased with optional labor warranties, Ozone-friendly Puron refrigerant and a 10-year limited parts warranty (providing that the current product registration requirements are fully satisfied.


American Cooling and Heating for Expert Arizona A/C Installation

American Cooling And Heating provides Arizona residents, businesses and industrial sites with the best in professional Carrier heating and air conditioning replacement and installation services. Every AC&H installed Carrier AC installation project is guaranteed to include new equipment designed to the exact specifications of the manufacturer, set up in accordance with all national and Arizona local construction codes, and backed by a quality of workmanship that assures you of a cool Arizona home.



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