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Getting the Most Out Of Your Phoenix Carrier Heat Pump

Phoenix Carrier Heat PumpCorrectly Managing Your Installed Phoenix Carrier Heat Pump System

 With monsoon-related humidity breaking 80-percent and Phoenix regional temperatures remaining above the 100-plus degree mark, the demand for efficient AZ air conditioning continues to rise. In 1902, Willis H. Carrier invented the first solution to industrial needs for managed internal air control – the air conditioner. Modern home, office and industrial AC equipment now includes basic Carrier central air conditioners, the Performance/Comfort Series Heat Pump, and Carrier’s finest available heating and cooling system, the Infinity Series Carrier Heat Pump with Greenspeed™ Intelligence.

The cost-efficiency, energy-effectiveness and reliability of Carrier Air Conditioning equipment is established by years of quality performance and innovative advancements in AC technology. But what can consumers do to ensure that their Phoenix Carrier Heat Pump performs to the max of it’s design?


Avoid the Myths of AC and Heat Pump Management

To get the most out of your installed Phoenix Carrier Heat Pump system, you need to learn the difference between AC myths and AC truths. Effective cooling and heating depends upon right-matching, right-sizing and right-installation of the Carrier HP best suited to your Gilbert, Peoria, Scottsdale or other Phoenix area home or business. However, for the most efficient AC performance, there are also some things that homeowners and business owners should avoid. You need to know the truths concerning the following Air Conditioning myths and misconceptions:

  1. Myth: Setting an AC fan system on continuous action is more economical than an automated system.
  2. Truth: This concept is only valid when your Carrier Heat Pump is using an electronic air filter.
  1. Myth: Shutting the air registers in unused rooms saves operation expenses.
  2. Truth: Correctly installed Phoenix Carrier Heat Pump systems are selected as an exact match to the structural-specific and air-flow requirements of your home or business. Isolating rooms and closing off vents can actually create a pressure imbalance, which ends up decreasing system efficiency while actually forcing your AC motors to work harder.
  1. Myth: Closing interior doors improves heating and cooling efficiency.
  2. Truth: Phoenix Carrier Heat Pump installations are crafted for a closed-loop environment. When installed as a right-sized, right-matched and properly planned cooling system, your heat pump is crafted to provide precise air pressure throughout the home or office. Closing interior doors that lead into rooms that were fitted into the original design of your Phoenix Carrier Heat Pump installation can produce room-specific pressure leaks around ceiling fixtures, exterior doors, wall plates and windows. Thus the system ends up wasting resources by heating or cooling unnecessary regions within the home or even discharging treated air into the outside spaces.
  1. Myth: Selecting a thermostat setting that limits system run time saves money.
  2. Truth: In order to efficiency perform moisture removal, an installed Phoenix Carrier Heat Pump needs a continuous run of eight to ten minutes. Due to excessive starting and stopping, short running spans create unnecessary motor wear. Furthermore, humidity levels remain high due to the systems inability to fully remove internal moisture. One way to help eliminate short runs: Install a Carrier two-stage AC system.
  1. Myth: Maintaining a constraint and certain thermostat setting provides cost-efficient heating and cooling.
  2. Truth: Scheduled thermostat changes can provide very effective reduction in heating and cooling costs. Your installed Phoenix Carrier Heat Pump should include a matching programmable thermostat control unit. For example: The Carrier Infinity® Series Heat Pump With Greenspeed™ Intelligence includes a unique-variable-speed technological feature that enables automated management of longer running, lower speed air flow. The effective result: Higher comfort, better efficiency and increased savings in heating and cooling costs.


Carrier Greenspeed™ Air Conditioning Technology In Arizona Provided By American Cooling And Heating


The modern world relies on the efficiency of Carrier Heat Pump technology. From industrial refrigeration solutions to home comfort needs, American Cooling and Heating provides 24/7 Carrier equipment services, repairs and installations. The necessities are at hand. The ACH trucks are loaded and ready to roll. From homes to offices and from schools to hospitals, American Cooling and Heating has a Carrier HP system that will work for your needs.

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