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Carrier Cor Thermostat Technology – A Competitive Edge In Home Comfort

Carrier Cor ThermostatCarrier Cor Thermostat Control Ramps Up Carrier Market Share In Smart Thermostat Technology

Leap to the competitive edge in home comfort. Install a Carrier Cor Thermostat in your Arizona home. For more information on Carrier Air Conditioning products in Arizona, contact an American Cooling and Heating professional in your area.

What makes Cor Technology the hands-down choice for Arizona homeowners looking for more energy-efficient air conditioning thermostat technology? Consider the broad overview:

By grabbing hold to the latest in smart technology, the Carrier Cor Thermostat system activates a two-way flow of information between consumers and the equipment that drives home heating and cooling resources. You want quick and easy access to more energy-efficient home air conditioning comfort. You also demand technology that helps reduce the price of cooling via reduced energy consumption. In core features, Cor smart thermostat technology meets your demands. The Cor system provides energy-conscious consumers with: 

  • Fast access to home or office HVAC resources
  • Simplistic and intuitive touch screen controls
  • Remote accessibility
  • Smart setback and intelligent thermostat adaptability
  • Potential reduction in energy expenses that can average 20% saving or better
  • Monthly energy reports
  • An increased sense of self-sufficiency and personal involvement in global clean energy solutions
  • AND more.

And, as though the front-end benefits of controlled heating and cooling can’t win you over, Carrier links the Cor’s primary advantage over existing thermostat technology to user access to detailed energy usage reports. Made available through a associated iPad compatible app, the Cor system technology generates monthly statistics custom-designed to help the homeowner understand the real-time savings associated with personalized thermostat management. 

Furthermore, a month-by-month comparison reports provides community assessments that enable Arizona air conditioning customers to examine how their energy consumption rate differs from that of neighbors who are also using the Carrier Cor Thermostat system. The Cor iPad app is more than a basic tracking tool. It is an app designed by a company noted for expertise in home environmental controls. The advantage is yours and it kicks butt over the competing smart thermostat technology.

Carrier Cor App and Expert Tips To Improve Your Air Conditioning Efficiency

If the app provided no more than the monthly reports, homeowners could use it to save moment on the cost of Arizona air conditioning. Yet, Carrier has ensured that Cor Thermostats customers receive even more benefits from the app. Cor™ Insights examines your neighbors cooling system performance and settings and makes personalized suggestions for how to best reap performance in a given home. The system can provide minute-by-minute breakdown reports that cover: 

  • HVAC-system cycling
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Thermostat settings
  • AND more.

Best of all, you don’t have to be standing before the on-screen display to reap the benefits of a Carrier Cor thermostat system. The smartphone app mimics the on-screen display of your home Cor smart technology thermostat system.

Professional Carrier Cor Smart Thermostat Installation in Arizona

Ok. A super cool technology is by nature governed by sensitive electronic equipment. It’s powerful, efficient, effective, and sensitive. Some less effective and less-efficient smart thermostat systems may be suitable for installation by the customer. Carrier recommends that a professional heating and cooling expert install the Cor technology thermostat. Don’t risk burning out the electronics. For immediate information, support or installation, contact Arizona’s premier HVAC resource, American Cooling and Heating.



Carrier Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit Controller

Carrier commercial rooftop RTU-MPRTU-MP™ Carrier Commercial Rooftop Unit Controller

RTU-MP Inputs!
· Indoor and outdoor CO2 relative humidity controls
· Integrated fire shutdown protection and compressor safety management
· Humidistat
· Temperature readings for space and supply air temperatures
· Status display on fan and filter
· AND more.

Every Carrier commercial product configures to one or more specific heating and cooling functions. Thus the RTU-MP™ Carrier Commercial Rooftop Unit Controller provides industry with low cost access to intelligent rooftop HVAC monitoring and regulation – while also making use of four distinctive communication protocols. This dipswitch configurable rooftop HVAC unit controller offers the kind of flexibility that attracts building owners as well as professional commercial HVAC control contractors and quality commercial HVAC installation contractors. The RTU-MP™ may indeed be one of the best available systems for enabling quick adjustment to building automation management – without requiring an installed or re-configured unit mounted rooftop system.

Designed for continuous precision management, the RTU-MP ensures reliable system performance, maximum occupant comfort, and factory programmed system-communication that endures the test of time and usage. Primary benefits associated with the RTU-MP™ Carrier Commercial Rooftop Unit Controller include:

Consumer benefits associated with the RTU-MP Carrier commercial rooftop controller include:

  • Carrier configured and crafted for installation at the factory
  • Integrated support for primary protocols, include support for BACnet MS/TP, Modbus (RTU), N2. Also supports LonWorks (Field installed LON-OC required)
  • Functional as a stand-alone space temperature/humidity sensor driven control system or as an integrated communication link to the BAS (Building Automation System)
  • Integrated support for local software upgrade downloads
  • Pre-configured and enabled to support the handheld Carrier service tool
  • DIP-switch enabled for rapid on-board modification of baud rate and protocol settings
  • Integrated circuitry surge protection
  • AND More.

American Cooling and Heating For Professional Installation of Carrier Commercial Building Products

RTU-MP Outputs!
· Economizer and power exhaust management controls
· Cooling and heating stages
· Fan management — indoor
· De-humidification management
· AND more.


The full line of Carrier Commercial products includes Air Handlers, Split-Systems, Water-Cooled Chillers, Carrier Commercial Rooftop Units and more. The

technicians at ACH have the skill, the training, and the practical experience to ensure rapid response and solutions for all of your heating and cooling requirements – be your need related to rooftop HVAC services, emergency repair, or installation of any other Carrier commercial services or products.


Carrier Commercial HVAC Model Numbers – An Introduction

Carrier Commercial HVAC Equipment And Carrier Commercial AC Systems In AZCarrier Commercial HVAC Products Designed For Commercial Building Applications

The Carrier commercial HVAC line of building applications includes product solutions, control solutions and ready access to parts and supplies. From air handlers to water-cooled chillers and from indoor self-contained units to rooftop systems, American Cooling and Heating is equipped, trained and prepared to handle your requirements for Arizona commercial building applications. The following list identifies common HVAC model numbers associated with the Carrier commercial equipment ACH sells, installs and services.

Carrier Commercial HVAC Model Numbers

Carrier AERO® Air Handlers

The Carrier line of commercial air handlers feature advanced technology focused on delivery of quality indoor air. Installation is quick and easy but typically requires the skills of an HVAC professional. Both the indoor and the outdoor line of Carrier AERO® Air Handlers meet the specs for installation in commercial, institutional or industrial facilities. Furthermore, if retrofit is required, the Aero units fit the bill. From clean rooms to high tech processing area, Carrier commercial HVAC air handler solutions can provide the flexibility you need. Some popular model lines include the: 

  • 39M – With airflow Cfm of 1,500 to 60,500 and custom double wall design. The Carrier commercial 39M is fully adaptable to both indoor and outdoor needs.
  • 39L – Featuring 1,800 to 15,000 air flow Cfm, a custom compact single/double wall, and uniquely fitted for indoor use.
  • 39S – Including 400 to 8,500 airflow Cfm, a single/double wall, compact, and suited for indoor or outdoor applications.
  • AND 39CC – Runs at 1,000 to 300,000 plus airflow Cfm, with a full custom double wall design and fitted for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Aqua Series Air-Cooled Chillers

Save money on installation and operating costs; the Carrier Aqua air-colled chillers are designed for quick install by a recognized HVAC professional. Furthermore, the series supports balanced full and part load performance efficiency. The Aqua product line ships in two base configurations: 1) The AquaForce® based on HFC-134a single chassis with full and part load performance that exceeds the ASHRAE 90 1 requirement, 2) The •AquaSnap® with Puron® refrigerant, a chiller that utilizes a compact base, excellent part load performance, and that effectively meets the ASHRAE 90.1 minimum energy efficiency standards. Some associated Carrier HVAC model numbers include the: 

  • 30RAP – Featuring a Scroll compressor, 10 to 150 ton capacity, and using Puron® (R-410A) refrigerant.
  • 30RB – Loaded with a Scroll compressor, running 60-390 ton capacity, this unit also uses Puron® (R-410A) refrigerant.
  • 30XA – Featuring a Screw compressor with 80 to 500 tons capacity, the 30XA uses R-134a refrigerant.
  • 30XA Greenspeed-Enhanced – This high-performance Carrier 20XA commercial air-cooled chiller features a Screw compressor with capacities of 140 to 350 tons running on R-134a refrigerant.

 This list is designed merely to introduce you to the line of HVAC model numbers associated with Carrier commercial HVAC products. American Cooling and Heating offers in-depth reading and visuals concerning Carrier A/C equipment. Visit our primary Carrier A/C commercial resource page at Carrier Commercial HVAC Sales and Service in Arizona. The list of HVAC model numbers and products discussed includes: 

  • Carrier WeatherMaker, WeatherMaster, And Centurion Light Commercial Rooftop Units. When you need access to the full range of light commercial packaged rooftop units, including Carrier heat pumps, gas/electric, and cooling only, ACH installs according to your designs and applications.
  • Carrier Gemini Commercial Air Conditioning Split Systems. The Carrier line includes 38AU condensing units, 40RU air handlers, and all in a variety of configurations designed to meet the specs of any application. Whether installing a 38AU single compressor model condensing unit with superior part load performance or one of the other compressor models, American Cooling and Heating assures that you get right-sizing for lasting reliability and energy efficient operation.
  • Carrier WeatherExpert And Weather Series Large Commercial Rooftop Packaged Units with capacity of 75 to 150 tons, is design built to provide a cost effective solution for initial installation, ease of maintenance, and energy efficient operation, the new design makes it suitable for a wide range of applications
  • AND More. 

Carrier Commercial HVAC Installation Services

Complete commercial services must include commercial HVAC installation. American Cooling and Heating has the skill, the resources and the know-how to met your need for Arizona commercial and industrial HVAC services, including services for: 

  • Arizona Liebert CRAC Precision Cooling UnitsQuality Guarantee For American Cooling And Heating
  • Data Centers
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Municipalities
  • Federal Organizations
  • Retail Centers        
  • Business Centers
  • Churches
  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Civil Centers.

From commercial heating and cooling product retrofit to full Carrier A/C installation services or HVAC replacement, ACH offers timely and emergency response to your Carrier commercial HVAC needs. We guarantee the quality of our HVAC installation workmanship for the life of your new ACH-installed HVAC system.


Getting the Most Out Of Your Phoenix Carrier Heat Pump

Phoenix Carrier Heat PumpCorrectly Managing Your Installed Phoenix Carrier Heat Pump System

 With monsoon-related humidity breaking 80-percent and Phoenix regional temperatures remaining above the 100-plus degree mark, the demand for efficient AZ air conditioning continues to rise. In 1902, Willis H. Carrier invented the first solution to industrial needs for managed internal air control – the air conditioner. Modern home, office and industrial AC equipment now includes basic Carrier central air conditioners, the Performance/Comfort Series Heat Pump, and Carrier’s finest available heating and cooling system, the Infinity Series Carrier Heat Pump with Greenspeed™ Intelligence.

The cost-efficiency, energy-effectiveness and reliability of Carrier Air Conditioning equipment is established by years of quality performance and innovative advancements in AC technology. But what can consumers do to ensure that their Phoenix Carrier Heat Pump performs to the max of it’s design?


Avoid the Myths of AC and Heat Pump Management

To get the most out of your installed Phoenix Carrier Heat Pump system, you need to learn the difference between AC myths and AC truths. Effective cooling and heating depends upon right-matching, right-sizing and right-installation of the Carrier HP best suited to your Gilbert, Peoria, Scottsdale or other Phoenix area home or business. However, for the most efficient AC performance, there are also some things that homeowners and business owners should avoid. You need to know the truths concerning the following Air Conditioning myths and misconceptions:

  1. Myth: Setting an AC fan system on continuous action is more economical than an automated system.
  2. Truth: This concept is only valid when your Carrier Heat Pump is using an electronic air filter.
  1. Myth: Shutting the air registers in unused rooms saves operation expenses.
  2. Truth: Correctly installed Phoenix Carrier Heat Pump systems are selected as an exact match to the structural-specific and air-flow requirements of your home or business. Isolating rooms and closing off vents can actually create a pressure imbalance, which ends up decreasing system efficiency while actually forcing your AC motors to work harder.
  1. Myth: Closing interior doors improves heating and cooling efficiency.
  2. Truth: Phoenix Carrier Heat Pump installations are crafted for a closed-loop environment. When installed as a right-sized, right-matched and properly planned cooling system, your heat pump is crafted to provide precise air pressure throughout the home or office. Closing interior doors that lead into rooms that were fitted into the original design of your Phoenix Carrier Heat Pump installation can produce room-specific pressure leaks around ceiling fixtures, exterior doors, wall plates and windows. Thus the system ends up wasting resources by heating or cooling unnecessary regions within the home or even discharging treated air into the outside spaces.
  1. Myth: Selecting a thermostat setting that limits system run time saves money.
  2. Truth: In order to efficiency perform moisture removal, an installed Phoenix Carrier Heat Pump needs a continuous run of eight to ten minutes. Due to excessive starting and stopping, short running spans create unnecessary motor wear. Furthermore, humidity levels remain high due to the systems inability to fully remove internal moisture. One way to help eliminate short runs: Install a Carrier two-stage AC system.
  1. Myth: Maintaining a constraint and certain thermostat setting provides cost-efficient heating and cooling.
  2. Truth: Scheduled thermostat changes can provide very effective reduction in heating and cooling costs. Your installed Phoenix Carrier Heat Pump should include a matching programmable thermostat control unit. For example: The Carrier Infinity® Series Heat Pump With Greenspeed™ Intelligence includes a unique-variable-speed technological feature that enables automated management of longer running, lower speed air flow. The effective result: Higher comfort, better efficiency and increased savings in heating and cooling costs.


Carrier Greenspeed™ Air Conditioning Technology In Arizona Provided By American Cooling And Heating


The modern world relies on the efficiency of Carrier Heat Pump technology. From industrial refrigeration solutions to home comfort needs, American Cooling and Heating provides 24/7 Carrier equipment services, repairs and installations. The necessities are at hand. The ACH trucks are loaded and ready to roll. From homes to offices and from schools to hospitals, American Cooling and Heating has a Carrier HP system that will work for your needs.

To learn more, click here.


American Cooling And Heating provides Carrier Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment and Professional AC Installation Services for Chandler AZGilbert AZGlendale AZMesa AZPeoria AZPhoenix AZScottsdale AZTempe AZAnd All Other Areas.



Expert Carrier AC Installation for Cool Phoenix Living

Home air conditioning is all about personal and family comfort. But what you buy, how much you spend and how effective if works depends as much on location and installation as it does on product quality. Carrier produces some of the best home air conditioning systems in the world, but how do you know which Carrier A/C system best fits your Phoenix AZ home, and which expert Carrier AC installation crew can get the job done quickly, efficiently and right?


What’s It Like To Live In Arizona, Around The Valley, In Gilbert, Mesa And Other Phoenix Regions?

On the positive side, you can expect sunny days, some harsh weather and some nice weather, toll-free roads, gun laws that favor the victim rather than the criminal, good people with conservative attitudes, few labor disputes, and a mixture of climate and geography that includes canyons, forests and deserts.

On the negative side, you may encounter a shortage of competitive jobs, an economy too dependent on construction and retiree-owned real estate, dry air and perhaps an over-abundance of sun, lots of small houses too close together, a shortage of shade, and that awesome endless press of summer heat.

In other words, Arizona is not New York City and the need for high performance expert Carrier AC installation and cooling power rules dominate for more than seven months per year.


Quite Comfort With Installed Carrier A/C in Phoenix

Weather is often unpredictable, but around Gilbert, Peoria, Scottsdale and other valley regions, the heat typically far surpasses the cool. Home should be a place for comfort and relaxation. An American Cooling and Heating installed Carrier air conditioning system assures you and your family of reliable, energy-efficient and long-term home comfort.

Carrier home heating and cooling equipment is crafted to provide precise and consistent user control of air quality, room-to-room temperature and humidity levels. The units are designed for quiet operation with the:

  • Infinity® Series coming in with sound levels as low as 69dB to 65dB
  • Performance Compact and the Performance/ Comfort™ Series ranging from 68dB to 73dB
  • AND the Comfort/Base systems tapping in at a mere 72dB.


Energy-Efficient Arizona Home Cooling With Expert Carrier AC Installation

Carrier has introduced some of the most ground-breaking heating and cooling technology on the market. From heat pumps to central air conditioners and from ductless systems to furnaces, the energy efficiency of the Carrier HVAC product line ranks with the best in the world with the:

  • Infinity® Series hitting up to 21 SEER and up to 15 EER
  • Infinity/ Performance™ Series stroking up to 18 SEER and 13.7 EER
  • Performance Compact and the Performance/ Comfort™ Series coming in at up to 18 SEER and 13.8 EER
  • AND the Comfort/Base systems pushing out up to 16.5 SEER and up to 13.5 EER.


Expert Arizona Carrier AC Installation

In a metaphorical sense of location, friendly people and a diversified environment Arizona is a cool place to live. In a literal sense of pressing temperatures and harsh wind patterns, Arizona can be a very hot place to live. Carrier air conditioning can make the difference between good living and miserable living. The equipment is designed to provide efficient, cost-effective heating and cooling. However, without expert Arizona Air Conditioning installation, even the best HVAC product on the market can perform poorly and inadequately.

Carrier is crafted for comfort. The Infinity® Series, Infinity/ Performance™ Series and the 24CB7 Model of the Performance/ Comfort™ Series take advantage of 2-stage scroll compressor technology. All Carrier units can be purchased with optional labor warranties, Ozone-friendly Puron refrigerant and a 10-year limited parts warranty (providing that the current product registration requirements are fully satisfied.


American Cooling and Heating for Expert Arizona A/C Installation

American Cooling And Heating provides Arizona residents, businesses and industrial sites with the best in professional Carrier heating and air conditioning replacement and installation services. Every AC&H installed Carrier AC installation project is guaranteed to include new equipment designed to the exact specifications of the manufacturer, set up in accordance with all national and Arizona local construction codes, and backed by a quality of workmanship that assures you of a cool Arizona home.



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