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HVAC Control and Lighting for Business – Trane Tracer Concierge System

Trane Tracer Concierge HVAC Control SystemHVAC technology already exceeds by far the capacity once noted among heating and cooling product manufacturers. Yet it seems always that new improvements make their way into homes and businesses. Whether home or business, we all seek better equipment functionality, reliability and efficiency. With the introduction of the Tracer Concierge BAS (building automation system), Trane offers the world a selection of building automation software that is exceedingly more functional than a traditional thermostat management system.

Designed to enable centralized management over installed heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, and air conditioning equipment, the Concierge™ HVAC system enables essential control over building comfort and lighting from a single simplified and affordable resource center. The system takes advantage of current touch-screen technology, and includes a display that shows the specs within individual buildings and individual regions within any of the given buildings. It’s single-point management designed to enable group control over multiple rooms, HVAC equipment, components and area lighting. Thus… The Trance Tracer Concierge BAS system eliminates installation of multiple thermostat control systems.

The Tracer Concierge HVAC control system includes:

  •  A modifiable preloaded scheduler
  • Options for long term (365 day) programming
  • PIN control protection designed to prevent system override
  • Web-enabled diagnostic software
  • An installed Trane Air-Fi wireless operating system
  • AND More.

 More Facts About Trane Tracer Concierge

What It Does…

  • Designed – For simplified management of building lighting and HVAC control services
  • Crafted – To help reduce air conditioning and lighting operating expenses
  • Efficiency – The Concierge user interface focuses on simplicity, ease of use, and enabling better overall equipment performance.


  •  Tracer HVAC Controls – Offer bundled system that uses Trane components powered on a proven Tracer controls platform. Also enables automated multi-functionality and a simplified user interface.
  • Web-Enabled Access – Crafted for rapid web-based access enabling rapid diagnostic and troubleshooting services. Focus is on remote maintenance and reduced downtime.
  • User-Focused Control Interface – Simple is better. The Concierges comes with a 10-inch touch screen display. Available information includes graphic scheduling of all parts in single or multiple buildings.
  • Group Integrated Technology – By using technology crafted to enable integration with old, new, Trane HVAC and non-Trane HVAC control equipment, the Concierge functions equally well with existing building HVAC and lighting systems.
  • Trane Air-Fi wireless Communication – If it isn’t wireless, it is not modern. The Trane Tracer Concierge enables quicker installation, self-repairing mesh technology, and twice the signal range of typically HVAC and lighting control solutions. The system also includes a maintenance-free battery solution and redundant communication signal paths.


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Information provided by commercial HVAC services division of Arizona-based American Cooling and Heating – Servicing the heating, cooling and refrigeration needs of buildings and facilities throughout Phoenix Arizona and surrounding areas. ACH for all your residential and/or commercial air conditioning needs, including

  • Arizona Liebert CRAC Precision Cooling Units
  • Business Centers
  • Data Centers
  • Federal Organizations
  • Industrial Facilities
  • AND More.


Carrier Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit Controller

Carrier commercial rooftop RTU-MPRTU-MP™ Carrier Commercial Rooftop Unit Controller

RTU-MP Inputs!
· Indoor and outdoor CO2 relative humidity controls
· Integrated fire shutdown protection and compressor safety management
· Humidistat
· Temperature readings for space and supply air temperatures
· Status display on fan and filter
· AND more.

Every Carrier commercial product configures to one or more specific heating and cooling functions. Thus the RTU-MP™ Carrier Commercial Rooftop Unit Controller provides industry with low cost access to intelligent rooftop HVAC monitoring and regulation – while also making use of four distinctive communication protocols. This dipswitch configurable rooftop HVAC unit controller offers the kind of flexibility that attracts building owners as well as professional commercial HVAC control contractors and quality commercial HVAC installation contractors. The RTU-MP™ may indeed be one of the best available systems for enabling quick adjustment to building automation management – without requiring an installed or re-configured unit mounted rooftop system.

Designed for continuous precision management, the RTU-MP ensures reliable system performance, maximum occupant comfort, and factory programmed system-communication that endures the test of time and usage. Primary benefits associated with the RTU-MP™ Carrier Commercial Rooftop Unit Controller include:

Consumer benefits associated with the RTU-MP Carrier commercial rooftop controller include:

  • Carrier configured and crafted for installation at the factory
  • Integrated support for primary protocols, include support for BACnet MS/TP, Modbus (RTU), N2. Also supports LonWorks (Field installed LON-OC required)
  • Functional as a stand-alone space temperature/humidity sensor driven control system or as an integrated communication link to the BAS (Building Automation System)
  • Integrated support for local software upgrade downloads
  • Pre-configured and enabled to support the handheld Carrier service tool
  • DIP-switch enabled for rapid on-board modification of baud rate and protocol settings
  • Integrated circuitry surge protection
  • AND More.

American Cooling and Heating For Professional Installation of Carrier Commercial Building Products

RTU-MP Outputs!
· Economizer and power exhaust management controls
· Cooling and heating stages
· Fan management — indoor
· De-humidification management
· AND more.


The full line of Carrier Commercial products includes Air Handlers, Split-Systems, Water-Cooled Chillers, Carrier Commercial Rooftop Units and more. The

technicians at ACH have the skill, the training, and the practical experience to ensure rapid response and solutions for all of your heating and cooling requirements – be your need related to rooftop HVAC services, emergency repair, or installation of any other Carrier commercial services or products.


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