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Mesa Heat Pump Maintenance – Now Is The Time to Schedule HP Services

Mesa Heat Pump MaintenanceMesa Heat Pump Maintenance Can Reduce Your Risk of Panic AZ HP Service Demands

With the winter doors opening and cold weather gushing through, now is the time for you to schedule your Mesa heat pump maintenance services. Reports from the Energy Gov heating and cooling resource center indicate that poor airflow, incorrect refrigerant charge, and leaky ducts reduce heat pump efficiency and performance (1). Airflow per ton in your Mesa heat pump system should run between 400 to 500 cfm. Before each heating season begins, Energy Gov recommends that your AZ HVAC technician clean the evaporator coil, inspect the ductwork and increase the fan speed when necessary.

With the Mesa Weather Channel forecasting a drastic drop in local nighttime temperatures, the arrival of winter ensures an increase in the demands for Mesa heat pump repairs (2). Beginning October 23rd with a 59°F low, the next ten days will bring about a ten-plus drop in regional weather. The forecast for Tuesday October 29 predicts a nighttime bottom of 49. This is only the beginning. In the coming weeks, it’s going to get even colder.

Many Arizona residents and business owners delay taking care of Mesa Heat Pump maintenance issues. Yet proper HVAC care increases the lifetime durability of your AZ HP. Timely inspections and heat pump servicing ensures better home or office comfort. Advance preparations eliminate the panic of last minute efforts to find a 24/7 Mesa heat pump repair center.  

Don’t get caught in the cold. American Cooling and Heating provides Mesa businesses and homes with:

  • Precision heating and cooling solutions including Mesa heat pump maintenance, gas, fuel or electric furnace maintenance, and repairs or installation on any HVAC product
  • Same day turnaround for HP repairs, HP maintenance or any other HVAC installation or service requirements
  • 24/7 HVAC technicians stationed in your area and ready to meet your Mesa heating and cooling demands as soon as the call arrives
  • Full service on all models and brands of heat pumps, A/C equipment and furnace systems
  • Qualified technicians with 30-plus years experience in the HVAC heating and cooling industry
  • Bonded, insured and licensed assurance
  • Flat-rate pricing for Mesa heat pump maintenance services, repair services and system installation services
  • Assured customer satisfaction backed by product warranties and the American Cooling and Heating personal HVAC service guarantee
  • Friendly Mesa HVAC technicians, skilled for the work and courteous to every customer
  • Respect for your home or business assured by technicians that wear covers over their shoes, use work mats to protect sensitive work areas and practice tidy cleanup.

The American Cooling and Heating team: Honest, reliable and evidenced by an A+ Mesa, Arizona BBB service rating.

ACH Mesa Heat Pump Maintenance Services

Knowing how to operate and maintain your Mesa HP assures maximum energy efficiency, effectiveness and cost savings. But aside from changing HVAC filters and learning how to correctly regulate the thermostat, the average consumer lacks training for seasonal maintenance of their heating and cooling equipment. The ACH Mesa heat pump maintenance process includes checking up on the items typically handled by the customer, and then provides services that exceed the skills of the average consumer.

Your personal ACH heat pump technician will:

  • Inspect your system, including blower performance, ducts, filters and indoor coil
  • Test and verify airflow and refrigerant charge
  • Diagnose and correct any leakage in the duct system
  • Test for leaks in the refrigerant system
  • Inspect all belts and motors, lubricating and tightening where necessary
  • Examine, clean and tighten electric terminals
  • Apply nonconductive coating to your system’s electric terminals
  • Test and verify the functions of your Mesa heat pump thermostat system
  • Examine all electric controls to ensure that heating and cooling components are not fighting against one another
  • Provide you with a detailed Mesa heat pump maintenance assurance report.


For greater details or to schedule your Mesa heat pump maintenance service, click here.





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