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HVAC Phoenix Arizona Consumer Guide For Air Conditioning Replacement

HVAC Phoenix Arizona ServicesShould You Replace Your HVAC Phoenix Arizona Equipment?

According to the HVAC Phoenix Arizona field service team at American Cooling and Heating, the technology of modern home and business air conditioning equipment enables A/C installers to better custom-fit heating and cooling products to the precise needs of Arizona Air Conditioning customers. Energy Star qualified heat pumps and central A/C units provide better service, better long-term energy savings and better reliability than the decade old counterparts of yesteryear.

When your heating and air Phoenix equipment needs indicate product replacement, consider the following important points of interest: 

  • How do the up-front costs compare to the projected long-term savings?
  • Will current rebates or other buyer incentives help reduce the purchase and installation price?
  • Which brand best fits your specific HVAC Phoenix Arizona environment?
  • How do you compare brand reputation and dependability to actual air conditioning brand performance? 


Installing Phoenix Air Conditioning, The First Step

Functionality is the primary concern, but the age of your home A/C system also plays a major role in choices. The following checklist comes from resources at Energy Star, but it also includes several “common-sense” thoughts from the Heating and Air Phoenix professionals at American Cooling and Heating: 

  • Age – If your A/C is over 10 years old, a newer unit can reduce your Arizona cooling and heating cost by as much as 30 percent
  • Excessive Noise – Some older units are just plain loud, but sometimes excessive noisy indicates problems with the indoor coil; call for service at: East (480) 699-2516   Central (602) 734-5422   West (623) 335-7697
  • Functionality – If your existing Phoenix Air Conditioning system is damaged beyond a cost-effective repair, upgrading becomes a no-brainer.
  • Performance – If your existing heating and air Phoenix equipment is undersized for the selected environment and cooling area, upgrading can save you money and provide a better level of home comfort
  • Reliability – When an older cooling system begins to accumulate frequent repair bills and energy consumption costs, a unit replacement may provide a less expensive and more comfortable solution to the problems.


Installing Phoenix Air Conditioning, Paying Yourself

A decision to install new home A/C equipment is guided by to areas of motivation: 1) Home comfort and 2) The cost of energy. Yet, like young lovers walking in the moonlight, comfort and costs go hand in hand. When your Arizona home’s HVAC system fails to provide family comfort, that system typically consumes excess energy. Installing new Phoenix Air Conditioning is of little value if it fails to provide you and your family with comfort and energy efficient costs savings. Make sure the two decision-making components align.


Installing Phoenix Air Conditioning, Shopping for SEER

The A/C standard, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) indicates the expected efficiency of a given cooling unit. Higher SEER ratings typically indicate better cooling at lower operating expenses. There is, however, a break line, a point where gain in your particular situation gets maxed out. When buying new HVAC Phoenix Arizona equipment, ask your installer to clearly explain the benefits of each level of SEER increase. In short: Don’t oversize the unit.


A/C Buying Guide Conclusion

The end is rather clear: To save money and ensure home comfort, replace your Arizona Heat Pump or A/C system with a durable, accurately sized and professionally installed system. Look for rebates and other price reductions. Remember also that there is a difference between a warranty and a guarantee. The first insures the product. The second ensures the quality of the installation and the customer support. For information on the American Cooling and Heating customer guarantee, click here.



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