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Basic Air Conditioning Troubleshooting, A Mesa Home AC Tip Sheet

air conditioning troubleshootingSteps Your Tech May Take When Your Mesa Home AC Fails to Cool Properly

Troubleshooting a Mesa home air conditioning unit often exceeds the technical know-how of the average homeowner. Yet knowing a bit about the process can help you to better understand the reasons behind the A/C troubleshoot steps as performed by your local HVAC service tech. This doesn’t mean that you should annoy the tech with an over-the-shoulder gawking. However, many mechanical professionals tend to take a bit of pride in helping the homeowner better understand the basics of air conditioning troubleshooting.

Different Stages of HVAC Troubleshooting

When a tech arrives on site, they sometimes find a system that is either dead or acting dead. This means the tech will be checking breakers, disconnects, fuses, and other power-related heating and cooling system problems. Yet more often than not, “dead cooling” does not include a dead power source.

In this lesson on basic A/C troubleshooting, we want to focus on a unit that runs but fails to efficiently cool your home. So here are some of the points that your local Mesa air conditioning tech will likely investigate.

Steps That Should Precede the Connection of A/C Gauges

1) Evaporator and Condenser Fans – To cool effectively and consistently, the motors installed in your home A/C system must be rightly designed for the unit. This means the tech needs to check the fans to ensure that they are of the correct horsepower. Also, although it may seem a no-brainer, the testing must also ensure that the fans are set to the specified rpm and that they are turning in the correct direction. Cleanliness and size is also important. So expect the tech to confirm that your blower blades are right-sized, right-pitched, and clean.

Arizona Repair or Replace Air Conditioning Troubleshooting2) Air Flow – To provide persistent and reliable Mesa home cooling, the condenser on your A/C unit must be supplied with normal outside air. This means the tech needs to ensure that no other devices are pumping hot air against the condenser. Checking the condition of the system filters is also part of the preliminary air conditioning troubleshooting process. You may also see the A/C tech investigating the condition of your evaporator supply and return ducting. You don’t want to lose cool air due to leaks in the ducting. Neither do you want the system drawing in warm outside air into the ducts.

3) Cleanliness – We already talked about making sure the blower fans are clean, but the tech will go further. He or she will also investigate and ensure that both the condenser and the evaporator coils are clean and that nothing is blocking the expected rate of airflow.

Connecting the HVAC Testing Gauges

Please note that the gauges and pressure checking tools should not be the first tools called into use. Failing to eliminate fundamental problems ensures that the A/C troubleshooting gauges will return incorrect pressures and temperatures. However, once the tech is ready to connect the gauges, the process should be somewhat as follows:

1) Refrigerant – The HVAC testing gauges are in place. The pressures are equalized, and the unit is switch off. Now the tech verifies that your Mesa home A/C contains the specified level of refrigerant. To perform this test, he or she will take a temperature reading of the evaporator coil. What is he or she looking to see: A reading that matches the chart or the pressure/temperature reading on the low side of the testing gauge.

2) Checking the System Operating Pressures – During this stage of the testing, professional air conditioning technicians run the unit until temperatures drop to near 5 degrees above the spec temperatures of the unit in question. What he or she expects from the gauges:

  • Suction pressure ranging between 35 to 40 degrees below return air
  • Superheat at the compressor within 20-30 degrees
  • 20-35 degree discharge pressure above ambient
  • A 20-30 degree rise in air temperature through the condenser
  • A 15-20 degree drop in air temperature through the evaporator
  • At the outlet of the condenser or the receiver, a 10-15 degree subcooling readout

All Test Well Yet The Mesa home A/C Still Fails To Cool Correctly

By now, the tech has either asked you to “give some space” or he or she has shown you what to look for when reading the HVAC gauges. But now… All checks well yet the system still fails to cool your home.

Check the Capacity – This means the tech will now to investigate the web bulb returns on the air as it enters and leaves the evaporator. There will be some calculations involved. And unless the tech has the memory of an elephant, he or she will pull out an enthalpy conversion table or a pshchrometric chart. What exactly is being tested: How much btu of heat is being absorbed by the evaporator. The tech is making a comparison between the running capacities of your system against the design capacity of your system. This helps the A/C tech determine whether your Mesa home cooling system is sufficient to handle your home. Any system that is operating within reasonable range of the design capacity but still fails to persistently and efficiently cool a given space is just plain too small for the task.

So now that you are up-to-snuff on basic air conditioning troubleshooting, call in your local Mesa home AC service team. Contact American Cooling and Heating today.




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Trane Air Conditioning Voted Best Home Air Conditioning For U.S. Homes

Best Home Air Conditioning Guarantee in PhoenixWomenCertified® Awards Trane Air Conditioning HVAC Equipment Best Home Air Conditioning For 2013 Global Indoor Comfort Solutions 

With release of the July 2013 Women’s Choice Award®, Trane Air Conditioning reaps back-to-back support as the best home Air Conditioning and HVAC equipment available for your U.S. home. For the Phoenix homeowners who recently purchased a Trane AC or a Trane Heat Pump, it’s a confirmation of wisdom that tickles your insides. For new buyers, it’s a key to making the right Arizona AC decisions.

Selecting the right home heating and cooling system can be difficult but when you get hold of something good, and then find out later that a majority of other consumers have also made the same choice for excellence, it: 

  • Ignites confidence in your own buying decisions
  • Promotes trust in your Phoenix AC installer and dealer
  • AND gives you “bragging rights” with your friends. 

The 2013 Women’s Choice Award® for best home-brand Air Conditioning is established via the input of 5,000 women selectively chosen to take the national survey. As a standard for smart buying decisions, the Women’s Choice Award® collectively identifies home appliances and equipment that is most often trusted and recommended by U.S. and global homeowners. In the 2013 survey for most recommended Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment in the home category, Trane Air Conditioning pulled top ratings. 

As can be expected, Ingersoll Rand, the Trane mother company, has expressed great pleasure in the Award. Ingersoll President of Residential Solutions, Gary Michel, says “Trane is committed to innovation, reliability and excellence for all of our customers.” 

Seeking Buying Tips For Home Air Conditioning Equipment

According to 2012 reports from Nielsen Research, approximately 92 percent of American buyers never make a major buying decision without seeking the recommendation of their peers. Additionally, products ranked among the Women’s Choice Award® carriers one the highest levels of trust. In fact, a 2013 report from MedeliaMonitor confirms that 9 out of 10 women consider the Women’s Choice Award® a trusted resource for brand name identification.

Companies bearing the Women’s Choice seal stand out as reliable, efficient and durable. Arizona temperatures are nothing to play with. When the Arizona summer erupts across Mesa, Scottsdale and other Phoenix areas, you need the best home Air Conditioning system you can find. Well, American women have spoken. Trane heating and cooling meets the demands. WomenCertified®, Inc. is designed to help women help other women make wise home buying decisions. Today is today to make your smart choice for a Phoenix installed Trane AC system.

About Trane Air Conditioning 

As a brand of Ingersoll Rand, Trane air conditioning promotes a comfort-driven commitment to provide consumers with efficient, reliable and safe home and business environmental control. Products include commercial, transport and industrial heating and cooling solutions as well as the best home air conditioning on the market. Trane equipment is crafted to optimize indoor environments via specifics-adaptable AC systems, heating units and ventilation systems.

About WomenCertified®

As a premier marketing research firm, WomenCertified®, Inc. has developed the Women’s Choice Award to specifically provide women-to-women competitive brand research. The bias-free surveys are conducted through partnership with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

About American Cooling and Heating

Established in 1993, American Cooling and Heating (ACH) provides Arizona AC installation, Arizona AC repair and Arizona AC maintenance and services throughout the Mesa, Scottsdale and Phoenix region. All ACH technicians are drug tested, background approved and skilled in HVAC installation and service. The company is bonded, licensed and insured as follows: 

  • AZROC K79 license 183933 Residential, Commercial, Industrial, HVAC and Refrigeration Contractor
  • AZROC KB2 license 238225 Residential, Commercial General Contractor
  • TDLR TACLA21146C Residential, Commercial, Industrial, HVAC and Refrigeration Contractor. 

American women declare Trane heating and cooling equipment as the best home Air Conditioning products in the U.S. ACH customers declare American Cooling and Heating as among the most reliable HVAC centers in the industry. To review customer testimonies, click here.



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