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Trane Heating and Cooling IBS 2016 Showing Highlights Superior Furnace Technology

Arizona Trane Gas FurnacesIBS 2016: On Display, Superior Furnace Technology From Trane Heating and Cooling

Las Vegas, January 19, 2016: Indoor home comfort systems provider, Trane Heating and Cooling division of Ingersoll Rand breaks 25-year record with release of the most advanced Trane furnace platform in a quarter century. Along with an extended collection of effective, efficient and reliable residential indoor comfort systems, the new Trane S-Series Furnace rocks the 2016 International Builder’s Show (IBS 2016).

“When installing Arizona residential heating and cooling equipment, ACH takes hold of Trane heating and cooling products as a resource to the best possible performance in indoor home comfort equipment,” Mr. Scot Morgan, President American Cooling and Heating.

Trane Heating and Cooling Product Close-up – The Trane S-Series Furnace

How does a leader in the home indoor comfort industry go about producing a new furnace platform? It starts with a revamp from the core up. It also includes professional input from a select group of contractors, homebuilders, HVAC installers and nationally recognized heating and air conditioning technicians. Yet it even exceeds the expectations that such a collaborated effort can focus on every aspect of modern air conditioning technology. In short, the Trane S-Series Furnace evokes the technology of the industry’s first integrated furnace control board.

But what happens when an HVAC manufacturer incorporates an integrated furnace control board? It’s simple. The unit suddenly features:

  • Quicker setup and instant installation flexibility
  • Improved airflow via the Trane Vortica® II blower
  • On-board intuitive diagnostics technology
  • Corrosive-resistant durability-enhanced s/s primary and secondary heat exchangers
  • 3-way options for unit positioning
  • Optional venting configuration, all with position-specific down flow
  • And a Trane Heating and Cooling IBS 2016 Showcase of Superior Furnace Technology.

Precision Trane Cooling and Heating In a Nutshell

Precision indoor home comfort demands the efficiency of the Trane TruComfort™ variable speed air delivery system. Outside temperatures tend to drift: From low to high and back to low and from high to low and back to high. With the right type of installed HVAC equipment, this natural process can be used to help craft better system efficiency. Trane TruComfort™ systems employ a state-of-the-art technology performs that very task. By operating at precise speeds as necessary to insure optimal home indoor comfort, the unit enables the indoor/outdoor fans and the compressor to function at variable-speed efficiency. Furthermore, the system BTU changes according to the changes in the outdoors temperature. Speed variations are incremented in bites as small as 1/10 of one percent. Heat management can be zeroed in to as little as ½ degree of any given thermostat setting.

Other Trane HVAC News-Bytes From the Trane IBS 2016 Press Release

superior-furnace-technology-trane-truecomfort.jpgTo make the most of your Arizona residential heating and cooling dollar, ACH also recommends that you investigate the performance of a Trane variable speed A/C system. Running at 22 SEER, the Trane XV20i gains industry recognition as one of the more efficient home air conditioning systems. At IBS 2016, Trane also talked up the XC95m Modulating Furnace. Running with up to 97.3 percent efficiency, these units just plain kick the competition out of the water. Both the XC95m Modulating Furnace and the Trane TruComfort™ variable speed air delivery system incorporate Trane ComfortLink™ II communicating technology. This means all primary system components can connect as one for the most in optimal Arizona residential heating and cooling performance.

No Trane orientated PR can go without also mentioning the Trane CleanEffects™ response to America’s demand for improved indoor air quality. This patented breakthrough in modern air management technology delivers 99.98 percent efficiency in removal of bacteria, cooking grease, dust, fungus, mildew, pollen and more from your Arizona indoor air. Trane CleanEffects™ for quality Arizona indoor air home comfort.

Nor can we close out without a word of praise for the Trane Nexia™ Smart Home System. Homeowners demand control of all their Arizona residential heating and cooling products. Nexia™ fits the bill. The system integrates all compatible smart devices into an efficient one-app solution that can be managed from anywhere and at anytime via installed WIFI connections. Bridge the gap. Adjust home heating and cooling controls. Monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures.

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