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Trane Air Conditioning Troubleshooting, Fix Your Trane Heat Pump Now

Trane Air Conditioning TroubleshootingTrane Air Conditioning Troubleshooting – Sometimes Simple and Sometimes Not

When correctly installed by a professional Phoenix heating and cooling technician, your Trane heat pump or Trane A/C system should function effectively, energy efficient and trouble free. However, time conquers all equipment, including the best of the best in heating and cooling products. But before you call for a qualified Arizona Trane heating and cooling service tech, cover the following basic Trane Air Conditioning troubleshooting steps.   

Trane A/C Troubleshooting, the Simple Side 

The following details deal with heat pumps and central air conditioning systems. Sometimes heating and cooling complications are related to product age. Sometimes they can occur due to poor Phoenix A/C installation practices. Yet even if you have an extended fully transferable 10-year Trane Air Conditioning Registered Limited Warranty Protection program on parts only, labor only or parts and labor, not every problem requires immediate contact with your Arizona Trane A/C repair center. Remember: Air Conditioning service calls, even when covered under warranty, can cost you in time, missed work hours and the discomfort of going without a functioning A/C even if only for a few hours.  

The causes of improper heating and cooling can range from minor and simple to major and complex. The Trane Air Conditioning troubleshooting tips listed here primarily focus on quick home remedies. They are as follows: 

Thermostat/Control Incorrectly Set – This may seem like an obvious Trane Air Conditioning troubleshooting step, but if you live with a houseful of kids the thermostat/control may not be set like you think it is. Even if you are running the cream-of-the-crop Trane ComfortLink™ II programmable controller with remote access, live weather and indoor/outdoor air temperature monitoring, the system is human managed. Make a thermostat check your first stop.  

No Airflow – Start by checking the system filters. The Trane CleanEffects™ collector is designed for rinse or vacuum cleaning. Likewise, the Trane FreshEffects™ filter permits easy slide out cleaning. Don’t permit a clogged filter to hinder your indoor comfort.

Frozen Coil – While considering the possibilities of a clogged indoor filter, you should also check for a frozen or dirty coil system. If you notice water beneath the unit and a cold exterior surface on the coil enclosure, try shutting down the system thermostat for several hours. Note: Even if a shutdown permits the unit to defrost and restart, a frozen coil indicates the need to contact your Phoenix Trane Air Conditioning repair center. 

Tripped Circuit Breaker – In older homes, the electrical wiring is often substandard to modern requirements. Older wiring and circuits are more easily overloaded than new equipment. If your heating or cooling system has come to a complete halt, effective Trane Air Conditioning troubleshooting begins by checking the A/C, HP or Air Handler circuit breakers. If a reset is necessary, ask yourself three questions: 

  1. Is the breaker directly linked to the heating and cooling equipment or does it trace back to the primary home breaker box?
  2. Is this an ongoing problem throughout the home or is it isolated to the Trane Heat Pump or Trane Air Conditioning system?
  3. Did a recent electrical storm cause a household-wide electrical failure? 

The answer to these questions directs the next step in your Trane A/C or Trane Heat Pump troubleshooting session. If the failure is due to a recent household electrical outage, the problem may not need any further attention. If the failure traces back to the primary home breaker box, and it is not due to a recent household electrical outage, you may need to contact an Arizona electrician rather than your Phoenix Trane AC installation professional. Likewise, if the problem tracks to the installed Trane A/C breaker box, call the installer. Something is amiss in the unit. 

Warning: Before resetting any circuit breakers, investigate your installed Arizona A/C system for signs of physical damage due to high winds, rocks thrown from lawn mower equipment and more. You should also work with a partner: One person to reset the breaker and the other to keep watch over the unit of signs of immediate need for shutdown. 

Problems That May Require Professional Arizona Trane Air Conditioning Troubleshooting 

  • Indoor unit functions but the outdoor unit doesn’t
  • Extreme increase in electrical usage
  • Excessive system cycling
  • System fails to achieve thermostat set point
  • System runs continuously
  • Overflowing drip pan. 

Some of the above problems can be related to thermostat settings, an increase in local utility rates, an extreme increase in local temperatures or the purchase of new home appliances. However, it may be that you need the skills and training of a professional Arizona Trane Heat Pump or Trane Air Conditioning Troubleshooting expert. If you have taken the basic A/C troubleshooting steps to no avail, click here to contact American Cooling and Heating. We can fix your Trane A/C equipment.


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