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Arizona Air Filtration, The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

Arizona Air FiltrationCan Installing Arizona Air Filtration Devices Improve Your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Recent reports evidence the benefits Arizona Air Filtration has on the effect of Phoenix indoor air quality. According to the Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency, area homeowners don’t have to risk the IAQ dangers associated with radon. The report “Radon Doesn’t Have To Be A Problem,” identifies clear health benefits linked to Arizona air filtration. According to the Radiation Regulatory Agency, radon IAQ problems can be reduced by any of three differing methods:

  • Use an air filtration device to capture, filter and re-inject the ducted supply lines of central forced air heating and A/C systems
  • Install a stand-alone central Arizona air filtration system on homes that lack central A/C and central heating
  • Install console HEPA filter systems in Phoenix regional homes that lack space for forced air duct systems.

Controlling the problem by use of air filtration devices is dependent upon the existing type of heating and cooling system – or the lack thereof of any central HVAC units. The Arizona-based Regulatory Agency goes on to advise homeowners concerning current radon management systems versus new technology systems. Many regional homes may us active soil depressurization systems, yet the Agency suggests that applying one of the three air filtration solutions can not only control radon but also reduce the effects of allergies and asthma. If your radon levels are relatively low, the Agency says you might be better off considering new indoor air control technology.

Furthermore, the Agency offers the following primary instructions for correct application and assured performance:

  • HEPA Connections – Hire a qualified Arizona HVAC mechanical contractor for the installation. If possible, your indoor air quality system should connect to your existing air conditioning or furnace duct-work.
  • Testing – Ensure that your air filtration system effectively manages the radon decay level in your home.

Understand that radon is not reduced, but rather the harmful radon decay products are reduced. Understand also that Arizona air filtration is only effectively appropriate for radon levels from 4 to 8 pCi/L.


Radon Only One Danger Managed By Effective Arizona Air Filtration

State indoor radon sampling indicates that Arizona homes may slightly exceed the EPA recommended action level for radon concentrations. But this is a rate that hangs near to the national average.

The good news: Temperatures is Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale and other Arizona regions tend to help reduce the amount of radon that is drawn into a home. The bad news: Arizona sub floor forced air conditioning systems often use return air ducts that run on the soil below slab floors. This results in overall poorer indoor air quality. Here are some steps you can take to immediately reduce the problem:

  • When weather permits, ventilate your home
  • Open some windows
  • Open doors and use freestanding fans to force exterior air to pass through your home
  • Contact American Cooling and Heating for immediate installation of Trane Clean Effects Whole Home Filtration.

But remember: Indoor air quality is not just about radon. According to the U.S. EPA, indoor air pollutants fall into two categories: 1) Particulate matter such as animal dander, dust, molds, pollen and smoke 2) Gaseous pollutants such as arises from adhesives, cleaning products, gas cooking, pesticides and varnish.

Clean air systems can remove many indoor air contaminates. Air filtration devices function on the order of particle removers, gaseous pollutant removers and pollutant destruction devices. American Cooling and Heating is licensed, bonded and insured to handle your Arizona air conditioning and indoor air quality problems. We can install, repair or inspect your existing HVAC equipment.

For help in deciding which indoor air filtration device, click here, is best for your Arizona home contact American Cooling and Heating today.





Phoenix Arizona Indoor Air Quality – Best Air Filters For Allergies

Arizona Indoor Air QualityImproving Arizona Indoor Air Quality – Effective Air Conditioning and the Best Air Filters For Allergies

If Arizona indoor air quality (IAQ) is critical to advanced education, should it not also provide better in-home comfort and learning? Clean air reduces allergic reactions in children and adults. Regulated indoor air temperatures promote better personal comfort, better thought focus and a better learning environment. Combining air conditioning with the best air purifiers produces the best results.

Throughout the nation, IAQ has become a point of major research. A healthy classroom environment promotes a better learning experience among students, young and old alike. According to Trane for K-12 Schools, the connection between student/teacher performance and effective school ventilation management is a documented point of fact. When students and teachers come together in a structure with efficient air filtration, air conditioning and air ventilation, the learning process becomes easier and more efficient.

If air conditioning and managed air purification works for educational facilities, how much more will the best air filters for allergies provide quality indoor air for your Arizona home?

To take the American Cooling and Heating Trane Clean Air Quiz, Click Here.


Improving Classroom Air Conditioning and Air Filtration Efficiency

The interior air pollutants within Arizona educational structures can include chalk dust, cleaning supplies, lab chemicals, mildew, mold, exterior construction-related impurities and a host of student viruses and odors. When packed against classrooms bearing as many as four times the occupants per square foot as your work place, the need for improved Arizona indoor air quality increases at an alarming rate.

Two forms of defense are necessary:

  1. Reduce the contamination from exterior pollution
  2. Improved the indoor air conditioning, air filtration and control of accumulated dust, gases, particles, spores and other allergy inducing pollutants.

Factors affecting the success of IAQ management include humidity and temperature control as well as the best air filters for pollution control. Whole home air filtration and air conditioning systems are designed to prevent “cold and drafty” as well as “hot and stuffy.” Research indicates that temperatures between 67°F and 74°F promote the best comfort levels for increased learning capacity. Temperatures below or above the specs inhibit student learning in crucial areas such as mathematics and reading skills.

Installing Arizona indoor air quality management systems can help your child receive the same in-home learning boast as he or she receives at the school. It may even eliminate your nightly battles to ensure that homework is actually completed as scheduled.


Managed Arizona Indoor Air Quality For Your Home

Installing Arizona HVAC systems designed to optimize temperature comfort zones and relative humidity achieves the best classroom results. Allergy prevention is an additional concern. For best Phoenix air conditioning results, consider combining managed Arizona indoor air quality with the best air filter for allergies.

If it works for Phoenix regional schools, it will work for your home.

According to Consumer Reports: Leaks in doors, windows and elsewhere cause your home to recycle outside air ever two hours. Controlling the leaks helps eliminate the issue of poor Arizona indoor air quality. You can repair some air leaks, but what about the leaks associated with damaged ductwork, the leaks that pull dust from beneath your home or the attic space? Do what you can to stop the leaks and then call in a professional to take care of the A/C duct problems. For more details on professional Arizona A/C duct repair, click here:


Arizona Air Conditioning and Whole-Home Indoor Air Filters Installed

A holistic home air cleaning system provides cleaner air and better Arizona IAQ for you and your family. The best of the best air filters for allergies can help relieve the symptoms of asthma and other dust and gas-related physical aliments.

You don’t have to put up with bacteria, dust, odors, particulates and VOCs. The quality of your indoor air is important to your health, comfort and learning. Get help today. Let American Cooling and Heating Arizona provide you with professional guidance in all matters concerning Arizona indoor air quality. We offer:

  • Full A/C installation
  • The best air filters for allergies
  • And the assurance that your Arizona indoor air quality will improve.


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