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Commercial Air Conditioning in the US – Rise of the Cooling Machines

Not Quiet Commercial Air ConditioningCommercial Air Conditioning, A  Brief History by American Cooling and Heating

The comforts of modern day Mesa Air Conditioning reflect the results of early commercial air conditioning growth in the United States. Beginning in the late 19th century, American engineers launched a drive for control over the humidity, quality and temperature of indoor air. The first efforts focused on industrial management of humidity-sensitive clothing materials. However, the power of controlled heating and cooling could not long be limited to humidity management. By the 1920s, the effectiveness of air conditioning captured the commercial comfort market.

American Cooling and Heating provides Mesa air conditioning sales, installations and services on all top-line heating and cooling equipment, including Amana, Carrier, Trane and more. The company offers commercial, industrial and residential HVAC solutions. To make immediate contact with an ACH Mesa heat pump specialists, click here.

Herein, Arizona-based American Cooling and Heating presents a snapshot of the early stages of commercial air conditioning in the U.S.

Commercial Indoor Air Management Quickly Shifts Into the Comfort Zone of Indoor Air Quality

Within years of initial development for industrial applications, the principles of commercial indoor air management gripped the hopes of retail industries, the movie industry and commercial landlords. Heating and cooling equipment found a quick home in movie theaters, retail department stores and anywhere else that comfortable indoor living created a demand.

For nearly forty years, costs versus benefits limited the use of residential HVAC applications. Up into the early 1960s, commercial landlords dominated the market – even over industrial settings. For fifty years and longer, the demand for commercial and retail indoor air quality management shaped HVAC marketing practices as well as heating and cooling technical achievements.

During these early years of development, regional demands and available marketplaces established the rate of diffusion. Economic conditions created the primary force behind the development and deployment of air conditioning technology. A focus on short-term profits often overshadowed the profit potential associated with modern residential HVAC sales, installation and services.

In a 2010 white paper released by Jeff E. Biddle from Michigan State University, the author presents three economic factors that played a major role in the diffusion of commercial air conditioning equipment (1). The issues, according to Biddle are as follows:

  • Factors directly pertaining to a firm’s concept of how air conditioning could influence consumers to place a preference on said vendor’s products or services
  • Profit margins when aligned with market and industry characteristics that promote an increase in product or services demand
  • And the costs for HVAC installation and operation.

In the pre-1960s, the acquisition of retail, industrial or commercial air conditioning equipment involved a serious balance between expense and the practical relationship between the goods or services being delivered. In essence, business installation of heating and cooling equipment set a heavy focus on how long a consumer could actually enjoy the benefits of managed indoor air quality. Thus movie theaters, restaurants and commercial housing developments gained the greatest return on investment.

Climate Changes – A Driving Force Behind the Growth of Residential Heating and Cooling

As written in a report prepared by The Edison Foundation, since 1940 the U.S. consumption of electric energy has quadrupled (2). Furthermore, the report defines electric energy as a “key driver of economic growth and productivity.” By taking advantage of the data collected via a 1940 Edison Electric Institute survey, Biddle crafts a convincing argument concerning the relationship between demographic characteristics, economic conditions and regional climate. The correlation between the growth and application of modern day air conditioning and global warming cannot be ignored. Furthermore, the expansion of HVAC installation directly relates to the previous and current cost of electrical energy.

Locating Quality Mesa Commercial Air Conditioning and Residential AC Services

This paper serves as a primer for people interested in detailed studies of the HVAC industry. As a Mesa homeowner, you may wonder how such information is pertinent to your heating and cooling needs. ACH believes that knowledge represents a measuring stick for determining company expertise, skill and competence. As such, American Cooling and Heating strives to provide Arizona consumers with evidence of professional heating and cooling experience and skills.

Whether dealing with industrial, residential or commercial air conditioning Mesa, or in any other Phoenix regional location, ACH can meet your HVAC service needs.



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Fall Furnace Inspection Reduces Emergency Gilbert Furnace Repairs

Emergency Gilbert Furnace Repairs – Not a Pleasurable Winter Experience

In the battle to reduce the need for emergency Gilbert furnace repairs, many AZ homeowners fail to take advantage of fall furnace inspection specials. The heating season is just around the corner. Losing home heating in the dead of a harsh winter night is no pleasurable experience – even when access to 24-hour Gilbert furnace repair services can reduce the strain.

Heat system cleaning, inspection and maintenance are critical to efficient and durable furnace services. If you don’t mind crawling amid the critters beneath your home, breathing attic dust or risking missing a key component of the cleaning process, you can inspect your own AZ furnace. Or you can call American Cooling and Heating. These seasoned air conditioning pros provide reasonably priced furnace inspections, furnace cleaning services and Gilbert furnace repairs.

For more information on ACH Gilbert furnace services, click here.

An Early Start Best Avoids the Need For Emergency Gilbert Furnace Repairs

Procrastination marks human nature. Although test starting your furnace early in the season can eliminate panic calls for emergency heating repairs, most people still wait until cold weather is already knocking at the doors and windows. Procrastinating until the day the temperature drops assures that a failed furnace will put you into the mist of the Arizona emergency furnace repairs crowd. Don’t go there. One call to a Gilbert furnace repair center while fall is still in the early stages may prevent you from facing the extended line of late demand on limited HVAC resources.

Tips for DIY Gilbert Furnace Repairs

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, residential home furnace inspectors must know and understand the difference between various types of home heating equipment. Without identifying the specifics of a particular type of heating system, you cannot recognize the heating method, identify defective materials or clearly explain cause and effect.

Other common components of a Gilbert heating inspection include knowing:

  • How the installed heating system operates
  • How to maintain the heating system
  • How to identify and correct common furnace problems
  • How to draw correct conclusions concerning the apparent condition of the heating system
  • Have the skill and the experience to clearly justify his or her opinions, observations and recommendations to the homeowner.

Tips For Safe Gilbert Furnace Operation

Having your furnace inspected and cleaned by a bonded, insured and licensed AZ air conditioning contractor is your best assurance of a safe, efficient and reliable heating system. But for safe furnace operation, you too have some measure of responsibility:

  • Keep the filters clean
  • Keep the airflow paths free of furniture and other blockages
  • On gas systems, locate an tag the gas shutoff valve
  • Don’t assume that a blown fuse is due to a minor power glitch
  • Address any odd or random noises that indicate possible furnace failure.

American Cooling and Heating provides Gilbert furnace repairs, Gilbert furnace inspections and Gilbert furnace installation. Prices are reasonable, flat rate and upfront. Service is available 24/7 throughout the Phoenix region of Arizona, including Mesa, Scottsdale and Gilbert. The company repairs and installs all major brands of heating and cooling equipment including Amana, Carrier and Goodman.

To schedule your Gilbert furnace repairs or service, click here.





HVAC Phoenix Arizona Consumer Guide For Air Conditioning Replacement

HVAC Phoenix Arizona ServicesShould You Replace Your HVAC Phoenix Arizona Equipment?

According to the HVAC Phoenix Arizona field service team at American Cooling and Heating, the technology of modern home and business air conditioning equipment enables A/C installers to better custom-fit heating and cooling products to the precise needs of Arizona Air Conditioning customers. Energy Star qualified heat pumps and central A/C units provide better service, better long-term energy savings and better reliability than the decade old counterparts of yesteryear.

When your heating and air Phoenix equipment needs indicate product replacement, consider the following important points of interest: 

  • How do the up-front costs compare to the projected long-term savings?
  • Will current rebates or other buyer incentives help reduce the purchase and installation price?
  • Which brand best fits your specific HVAC Phoenix Arizona environment?
  • How do you compare brand reputation and dependability to actual air conditioning brand performance? 


Installing Phoenix Air Conditioning, The First Step

Functionality is the primary concern, but the age of your home A/C system also plays a major role in choices. The following checklist comes from resources at Energy Star, but it also includes several “common-sense” thoughts from the Heating and Air Phoenix professionals at American Cooling and Heating: 

  • Age – If your A/C is over 10 years old, a newer unit can reduce your Arizona cooling and heating cost by as much as 30 percent
  • Excessive Noise – Some older units are just plain loud, but sometimes excessive noisy indicates problems with the indoor coil; call for service at: East (480) 699-2516   Central (602) 734-5422   West (623) 335-7697
  • Functionality – If your existing Phoenix Air Conditioning system is damaged beyond a cost-effective repair, upgrading becomes a no-brainer.
  • Performance – If your existing heating and air Phoenix equipment is undersized for the selected environment and cooling area, upgrading can save you money and provide a better level of home comfort
  • Reliability – When an older cooling system begins to accumulate frequent repair bills and energy consumption costs, a unit replacement may provide a less expensive and more comfortable solution to the problems.


Installing Phoenix Air Conditioning, Paying Yourself

A decision to install new home A/C equipment is guided by to areas of motivation: 1) Home comfort and 2) The cost of energy. Yet, like young lovers walking in the moonlight, comfort and costs go hand in hand. When your Arizona home’s HVAC system fails to provide family comfort, that system typically consumes excess energy. Installing new Phoenix Air Conditioning is of little value if it fails to provide you and your family with comfort and energy efficient costs savings. Make sure the two decision-making components align.


Installing Phoenix Air Conditioning, Shopping for SEER

The A/C standard, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) indicates the expected efficiency of a given cooling unit. Higher SEER ratings typically indicate better cooling at lower operating expenses. There is, however, a break line, a point where gain in your particular situation gets maxed out. When buying new HVAC Phoenix Arizona equipment, ask your installer to clearly explain the benefits of each level of SEER increase. In short: Don’t oversize the unit.


A/C Buying Guide Conclusion

The end is rather clear: To save money and ensure home comfort, replace your Arizona Heat Pump or A/C system with a durable, accurately sized and professionally installed system. Look for rebates and other price reductions. Remember also that there is a difference between a warranty and a guarantee. The first insures the product. The second ensures the quality of the installation and the customer support. For information on the American Cooling and Heating customer guarantee, click here.



Arizona Air Conditioning And Heat Pump Installation

American Cooling And Heating

Replacement of your Air Conditioning or Heat Pump System can be a hard choice when the time arises . There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a new system such as brand, efficiency, system types, ductwork, structural considerations, load calculations, and budget. American Cooling And Heating can help, we are knowledgeable in all aspects of Air Conditioning or Heat Pump installation and we provide free in home estimates on your schedule. We sell and service Carrier, Trane, Lennox, Goodman, Rheem, York and all other major brands, and we offer financing options O.A.C. Weekend or nighttime emergencies are no problem, our service crews are available to install your new system 24/7.

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