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Trane Product Data Specifications

Trane Geothermal/Water Source Outdoor Split Heat Pump XL Series T2GE 022-1854-02

Trane Geothermal/Water Source Heat Pump XL Series T1GX, T2GX 022-1853-01

Trane Geothermal/Water Source Heat Pump XL Series T2GY 022-1852-02

Trane Geothermal/Water Source Heat Pump XR Series T1GC 022-1851-01

Trane Geothermal Hydronic Heat Pump XL Series T2GWB 022-1850-01

Trane Geothermal Hydronic Heat Pump XL Series T1GW 022-1849-01

Trane Modular Multi-position Air Handler GAF2 Series 22-1862-01

Trane Replacement Condensing Unit Product & Performance Data XB 300 22-1861-01

Trane XT 95 Condensing, Direct Vent Gas-Fired Furnace TUH1 TDH1 22-1859-01

Trane Modular Multi-position Air Handlers GAF Series 2 22-1858-02

Trane Modular Multi-position Air Handlers GAT Series 22-1857-03

Trane Variable Speed Modular Multi-position Communicating Air Handlers 2-5 Tons TAM8 Series 22-1856-04

Trane Modular Multi-position Air Handlers TAM4 Series 22-1848-02

Trane Variable Speed Modular Multi-position Air Handlers 2-5 Tons TAM7 Series 22-1847-04

Trane Aluminum Cased Horizontal Flat, Heat Pump / Cooling Coils 2 – 5 Ton 4TXFH-CC/CZ 22-1846-01

Trane Modular Multi-position Air Handlers GAM5 Series 22-1845-08

Trane Split System Cooling Product Data XB13 4TTB Series 22-1843-10

Trane Split System Cooling Product Data XR 13 4TTR Series 22-1842-07

Trane Split System Cooling Product & Performance Data XB 300 4TTM Series 22-1841-05

Trane XC 95m Communicating Variable Speed, Modulating Condensing Gas Furnace TUHMB TDHMB 22-1840-06

Trane Aluminum Cased Cooling Coils 2 – 5 Ton 4CXC 22-1839-03

Trane  XR 95 Condensing, Direct Vent Gas-Fired Furnace TUH1 TDH1 22-1836-07

Trane Split System Cooling Product Data XB14 4TTB4 22-1833-09

Trane Split System Heat Pump Product Data XR15 4TWR5 22-1832-10

Trane Split System Cooling Product Data XR15 4TTR5 22-1831-08

Trane 4WHC3024 through 4WHC3060 Packaged Horizontal – Over/Under Heat Pump 2 – 5 Ton 22-1830-04

Trane XC80 2-Stage, Communicating Variable Speed Gas Furnace TUD2 TDD2 22-1827-03

Trane Upflow/Horizontal 2-Stage, Communicating Variable Speed Gas Furnace XC80 22-1827-02 

Trane XL20i Split System Heat Pump Product Data 4TWZ0 22-1826-09

Trane XL20i Split System Cooling Product Data 4TTZ0 22-1825-09

Trane Fan Powered and Bypass Humidifiers THUMD Series 22-1821-02

Trane Modular Variable Speed Air Handlers 4TEE Series 22-1819-04

Trane XV 95 Variable Speed Two Stage Condensing Gas-Fired Furnace TUH TDH Series 22-1814-07

Trane Aluminum Cased and Uncased Heat Pump / Cooling Coils 1 1/2 – 5 Ton 4TXA, 4TXC, 4TXC-CC 22-1813-06

Trane XV90i 90% 2-Stage, Variable Speed Gas-Fired Condensing Furnace with Whole House Air Cleaner TUX2 22-1803-05

Trane XV80i 80% 2-Stage, Variable Speed Gas-Fired Furnace with Whole House Air Cleaner TUD2 22-1802-03

Trane XL 15i Split System Heat Pump Product Data 4TWX5 22-1800-13

Trane 14 SEER Single Packaged Convertible Dual Fuel 4DCY4 22-1799-15

Trane 14 SEER Single Packaged Convertible Cooling 4TCY4 22-1796-13

Trane XR 13 Split System Heat Pump Product Data 4TWR3 22-1795-10

Trane XB 13 Split System Heat Pump Product Data 4TWB3 22-1793-12

Trane Three Phase Split System Heat Pump Product Data 4TWA3 22-1792-08

Trane Three Phase Split System Cooling Product Data 4TTA3 22-1791-10

Trane XR 13 Split System Cooling Product Data 4TTR3 22-1790-08

Trane XT 90 Condensing Gas Furnace TUX TDX 22-1786-06

Trane 13 SEER Single Packaged Convertible Gas/Electric 4YCX 22-1785-12

Trane 13 SEER Single Packaged Convertible Gas/Electric 4YCC3 22-1784-12

Trane 13 SEER Single Packaged Convertible Cooling 4TCX 22-1783-11

Trane 13 SEER Single Packaged Convertible Cooling 4TCC 22-1782-12

Trane 13 SEER Single Packaged Convertible Heat Pump 4WCX 22-1781-11

Trane 13 SEER Single Packaged Convertible Heat Pump 4WCC 22-1780-11

Trane XT 80 Gas-Fired Furnace TUD TDD 22-1779-06

Trane Vertical Upflow, Horizontal Left Air Handlers 2/4TGB 22-1778-06

Trane Cooling/Heat Pump Convertible Air Handlers 2/4TEH 22-1777-10

Trane Fresh Effects™  Energy Recovery Ventilator TERVR Series 22-1776-04

Trane Cooling/Heat Pump Convertible Air Handlers 2/4TEC 22-1774-17

Trane XB 13 Split System Heat Pump Product & Performance Data 2TWB 22-1771-04

Trane Three Phase Split System Cooling Product & Performance Data 2TTA3 22-1770-03

Trane XB 13 Split System Cooling Product & Performance Data 2TTB3 22-1769-06

Trane Perfect Fit™ Electronic Air Cleaners & Filter media 22-1760-02

Trane XP80 / XV80 Oil-Fired Furnace THV TDF TLF TLR 22-1757-08

Trane XL16i Split System Heat Pump Product Data 4TWX 22-1754-17

Trane XL16i Split System Heat Pump, ComfortLink™ II and Charge Assist™ 4TWX 22-1754-10

Trane XL16i Split System Heat Pump Product Data 4TWX 22-1754-05A

Trane Vertical Upflow Air Handlers With Electric Heat TFB TFE 22-1753-06

Trane XL16i Split System Cooling Product Data 4TTX 22-1752-10

Trane Modular Variable Speed Air Handlers 4TEE 22-1717-10

Trane Two Stage Condensing Gas-Fired Furnace TUX TDX 22-1705-08

Trane XB 80 Induced Draft Gas Furnace TDE 22-1677-05

Trane XV 80 2-Stage, Variable Speed Gas-Fired Furnace TDD2 22-1673-07

Trane XR 80 Induced Draft Gas Furnace TDD1 22-1671-10

Trane XB 90 Condensing, Gas-Fired Furnace TDC1 22-1670-07

Trane XB 90 Condensing, Gas-Fired Furnace TUC1 22-1669-10

Trane XB 80 Induced Draft Gas Furnace TUE1 22-1666-07

Trane XV80 2-Stage, Variable Speed Gas-Fired Furnace TUD2 22-1650-13

Trane XR 80 Induced Draft Gas Furnace TUD1 22-1640-12

Trane XL 80 Gas-Fired Furnace TUD2 TDD2 22-1639-12

Trane Geothermal Split System Air Handler Product Data 022-1860-01

Trane Geothermal Indoor Split Heat Pump Product Data XL Series T1GN, T2GN 022-1855-01

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