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Cost of Phoenix Air Conditioning Installation

Is It Time To Hire A Professional Phoenix Air Conditioning Installation Company?

The April 2013 valley weather forecast for Phoenix AZ and the surrounding areas, such as Meza, Scottsdale and Buckeye predicts temperatures rising toward the mid-90s by mid-month. Chances of precipitation are hanging near 0% and the humidity has already reached 14%. It’s going to be another long, long cooling season.

Perhaps your current AC system is chugging along rather well. On the other hand, you may already have the Internet open to a Yellow Page listing of local Gilbert AC installation providers. Right now the big word in your mind is Cost.

Installing new central air conditioning can get expensive. Even on low-priced units, you may have to replace certain supplemental components such as ductwork, internal vents or even the air conditioning and refrigeration (ACR) field services pipe. With each additional component, the cost of materials increases. With each additional component, the price of installation also increases.

Air conditioning service prices vary from state to state and city to city. This article presents an overview of general pricing for the installation of central air conditioning systems. However, the closing statements focus on pricing Phoenix AC installation projects.

Central Air Conditioning Installation Cost: An Overview

Although no two AC installations are exactly alike, many similarities exit. Thus the primary procedures remain constant for all home or small business AC projects. However, the individual processes vary in relationship to pre-existing conditions and building size. For example: Pre-existing forced hot air heating ductwork may eliminate excess installation materials and labor. Whereas installation in a new home will likely require the installation of ducts, ACR pipe and perhaps even some custom landscaping. 

According to the 2010 Bureau of Labor Statistics the median pay for educated, trained and qualified heating, AC and refrigeration mechanics and installers hovered around $20.50 per hour. When dealing with companies that promote quality services above discount pricing, expect that they will also be paying for the top skilled, field technicians. Yet you must always remember that up-front pricing for quality work always come back in lifetime savings.

AC installation is not a DIY project. It requires special equipment and should be installed according to industry standards as developed by the US Energy Conservation department. On a national average, installing a central air conditioning unit will range from $2650 up to $15000 plus.

American Cooling And Heating Is Your Home Comfort Solution In Arizona







American Cooling And Heating

Your Gilbert area AC contractor should adhere to the following cooling unit installation standards: 

  • Install a doorway for access to the evaporator coil for cleaning and maintenance
  • Ensure adequate space for the indoor components of installation, maintenance and system repair
  • Use efficient duct-sizing methodology
  • Whenever possible, avoid installing ductwork in the attic
  • Use proper duct sealing methods, including heaver insulation for attic ducts
  • Right-counts the register and return air requirements
  • Ensures that airflow to condensing units are not hindered by nearby objects
  • Positions the external unit for best performance, best noise control and best safety practices
  • Uses an exact refrigerant charge.

Breaking Out the Specifics of Costs

The pricing for a new central air condition installation includes 4 primary points of payment: 

  1. Contractor – Oversees the entire project
  2. Subcontractor – Provides any necessary sub-licensed services
  3. Labor – Cleanup detail and technician assistance
  4. Materials – Ranging from the primary unit to the necessary recovering machine.

Phoenix Area Pricing For Central Air Conditioning Installation

Pricing the exact cost for installing AC in any given home must be based upon critical details as listed above. However, Phoenix prices typically run a bit below the national average. For example: A 16-SEER, 4-ton indoor and outdoor Meza AC installation would touch on $9000. But when pricing for your home or business, you can’t go by unit size and SEER ratings alone.

You don’t want a unit that is too small or a unit that is too large. Make certain that your Phoenix AC Installation Professional is licensed, insured, bonded and up-to-date on current AC sizing practices. Doing things right can help you save as much as thirty percent on your yearly cooling bill. You need an AC contractor who wants to do the job right, knows how to do the job right and cares enough about customer satisfaction to ensure that the job is done right.

For fast, 24-hour air conditioning and heat pump installation and services, call American Cooling and Heating today.





Trane AC Service Center Gives Advice On How To Keep Your Trane A/C System In Tip Top Shape For Heavy Summer Abuse

American Cooling and Heating, Announces Trane Products Extended Resource Center

American Cooling And Heating’s Website offers a full PDF selection of owner manuals, unit-specific consumer brochures, HVAC news, and advanced tips on how to keep a Trane A/C System battle ready for heavy summer abuse

One-Stop Arizona Product Resource Center forTrane Air Conditioning Systems

HVAC work can get complicated. Some basic cooling system maintenance services may be very simple. However, actual service work often requires in-depth knowledge of a specific Trane air conditioning unit.

What happens when the DIY owner of a Trane A/C lacks access to a current owner’s manual? The internal home heat continues to accumulate. Without accurate information, HVAC repairs get complicated in a hurry.

Before long, the already confused, sweaty and irritated homeowner begins a frantic search for information. He or she calls a local Trane repair shop but the twenty-four-hour service line only gives off an endless drone of unanswered ring tones, (unless its American Cooling And Heating). An Internet-focused seek-and-download mission may also come up hot and dry.

Arizona-based, American Cooling and Heating has developed a series of extended Trane A/C resource web pages. The focus covers every aspect of Trane air cooling, heating and purification equipment.

The following tips on how to keep your Trane system primed for heavy summer abuse provides a sampling of what the American Cooling and Heating Trane Product Resource Center offers.

Trane Recommended A/C Prevented Maintenance

The typical Trane bi-annual preventative maintenance service agreement includes several specific service goals for both heating and cooling components. These goals are designed to assure that your Trane HVAC unit operates at top efficiency even during the most brutal winter or summer conditions.

American Cooling and Heating recommends that DIY homeowners avoid self-servicing any components that are on or within AC Units or that fall within the realm of a Trane service professional. Due to the safety hazards associated with electric and gas operated equipment, the following checklist also excludes system checks specific to Trane heating systems.

Checklist for External A/C Components:

Cleaning – This includes clearing the inside of the cabinet of any debris, dirt, leaves or other substances that can and do restrict air-flow. If necessary, clean the coil as well.

Refrigerant – Inspect and correct any incorrect levels of refrigerant. This service may be better if left to a trained technician.

Drain openings – Check and remove any obstructions to the base-pan drain openings.

Fan Blades and Fan Motor – Inspect for damage. Lubricate when possible.

Control Box – Check all control accessories, including wiring and connections, circuit boards, capacitors and relays. In the event of loose wiring or poor connections, disconnect power before attempting any repairs

Compressor and Tubing – Survey for any signs of physical damage. Call for service as needed.

Checklist for Internal Components:

** Air Filters – Clean or replace as necessary.

** Blower Assembly – Check mobility of blower wheel. Clean housing and motor as needed.

** Condensate Drain – Clean and ensure unobstructed discharge.

** Duct System – Check for air leaks and torn insulation. Repair as necessary.

** Evaporator Coil – Remove dirt, lint and soil.

** Thermostat Settings – A well regulated thermostat can greatly reduce excess system workload.

For a review of basic diagrams and system component locations, view the American Cooling and Heating Trane Packaged Systems PDF-formatted Guide.

These tips presented by American Cooling and Heating, currently offering 24 Hour Trane Air Conditioning Service for the entire Phoenix area, including Paradise Valley AZ, Gilbert AZ, Mesa AZ, and Scottsdale AZ, and all other areas in Arizona.

Air Conditioning Do’s and Don’ts – Bad A/C Installation Procedures Can Lose You Big Money

A/C Service Expert American Cooling and Heating Provides Updated Tips on the Value of Proper Air Conditioning Installation Procedures

Proper air conditioning installation procedures can add years of life to new A/C Equipment and A/C Systems as well as to help save energy and money. A poorly installed or selected A/C system can cause many problems for the end user.

Environmental Protection Studies – A Wealth of Modern HVAC Installation Improvements

In a constant effort to protect the global environment, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sometimes sets the focus on home and business air conditioning methods. Greater energy efficiency marks the primary purpose behind EPA studies, yet the accumulated information often provides extended guidelines for quality installation of HVAC equipment.

This American Cooling and Heating report focuses on the quality installation of central air-conditioners and heat pumps as a source for superior home energy efficiency.

Preliminary A/C Installation Concerns

Before jumping into the aspects of proper A/C installation, pause to consider the energy-consumption complications that can accompany inefficient air conditioning planning. Along with the possibility of complete system failure, incorrect equipment sizing or improper system installation can reduce an air-conditioner’s performance by thirty percent or more. For example: 

  • Improper refrigerant charging often results in reduced system efficiency
  • Improper refrigerant charging can also result in frequent system freeze-ups
  • Improper unit sizing includes over-sizing, which results in insufficient system run-time, which in turn hinders the dehumidification process.
  • A current EPA study suggests that installation issues hinder the efficiency of more than half of all installed home air-conditioners. The problem must be solved. Technicians and homeowners need to be aware of proper air conditioning installation procedures.

Heating and Cooling Benefits to Homeowners – The Advantage of Proper System Selection and Air Conditioning Installation Procedures

Reliable energy-efficiency air conditioning selection and installation services assure better system performance. The average homeowner can expect to save around twenty percent on home cooling costs. Accurate product sizing and HVAC installation also delivers a more even air flow throughout the whole home. The dehumidification systems works better, the air stays cooler and the overall comfort to the entire family increases.

HVAC Installation – Damage Complications Due to Improper A/C Installation

Proper air conditioning installation results in proper air conditioning functionality which in turn helps prevent system damage. A central air conditioning compressor should be located in a shaded outside area. It helps keep the unit cool and reduces the workload. Obstructed or reduced air flow over the coils also creates inefficiency and excessive system labor. All of these create increased energy costs, but the greatest effect of poor system installation will show up as a long-term repair expense.

HVAC Installation – Safety Factors Affected by Improper A/C Installation

Many air conditioning sales and service companies tend to oversize the mechanical systems in residential construction. The practice increases the unit price and the unit installation cost. It wastes customer energy resources. It reduces moisture control and comfort.

For some homeowners, poor moisture control can become a serious health problem. Excess moisture tends to breed bacteria and mold.

Electrical wiring also requires proper installation. Poor connections can result in erratic system performance or even a deadly electrical fire.

HVAC Installation – Local and National Air-Condition Installation Codes

Adopted and enforced to keep people safe, building codes ensure quality construction of parts and installation services. Expect your Air Conditioning service center to be up-to-date on current local and national installation codes concerning all of the following applications:

  • Electrical supply circuits
  • Correct ductwork layout and installation
  • Structural considerations as they relate to the air conditioning installation code
  • Any other specific A/C installation parameters necessitated by local or national building codes.
  • Your American Cooling and Heating technician is more than willing to help you better understand the application of local and national A/C installation codes.

HVAC Installation – Knowing the Manufacturers Guidelines and Specifications

A successful and proper air conditioning installation involves many factors. Some come from state requirements. Others come as a result of government research. Some pertain to safety and some to energy efficiency.

Knowing the product is the only way that any company can bring it all together. American Cooling and Heating sells, installs and services every major brand of heating and cooling equipment. Our technicians are fully licensed and trained in every aspect of manufacturer guidelines and unit specifications.

Give us a call.

To save money, be safe and conserve energy, you need professional air conditioning technicians. American Cooling and Heating services the entire Phoenix area, including Paradise Valley AZ, Gilbert AZMesa AZ, and Scottsdale AZ.

American Cooling and Heating is Now Offering a Substantial Discount on All New Air Conditioning Units and Systems

Discounts on New A/C Units and Systems

American Cooling and Heating announces a valley-wide, Phoenix, Arizona air conditioning sale. In response to overwhelming air conditioning breakdowns, American Cooling And Heating declares a Best-Pricing, AZ Air Conditioning Equipment Sale. Factory rebates and tax incentives sweeten the deal.

Heat, storms and continuous harsh weather creates AC failures and prompts Arizona residents to replace existing equipment and budget concerns toward low-cost air conditioning upgrades and replacements. It’s the heat of the day and air conditioning systems are already maxed out from working all night to catch up with yesterday’s heat wave. Yet the Arizona sun won’t give a moment’s break. Something is bound to give.

To make another year out of last year’s fix, people aren’t willing to endure inefficient cooling, a bit of sweat and even the family’s complaints. But you know last year’s glue was a temporary solution. A new air conditioning system has been in the making for over five years. The options are gone.

When the compressor shuts down and AC units give up the last puff of cool air, its accepted that its is time to bite the bullet. If in or around Phoenix, Arizona, American Cooling and Heating wants to offer a special deal to all local residents with 24-hour Arizona Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Installation and discounts.

No time is a great time for facing the expense of a new home HVAC unit, but if contracted with American Cooling and Heating, the best products at the best prices and with the best service are all rolled into one dependable package.

Three points determine the functionality, efficiency and longevity of new air conditioning equipment:

1. Quality products from reliable vendors 
2. Professional installation workmanship from a reputable Arizona HVAC sales, installation and service center 
3. Warranties that cover parts and labor.

American Cooling and Heating provides quality products from major manufacturers at reduced prices and carries only the best in air conditioning equipment. It makes no sense to cut corners with off-brand components or limited release items. American Cooling and Heating offers customers legitimate savings on top quality A/C Products, including:

** Amana Air Conditioning 
** Carrier Air Conditioning 
** Goodman Air Conditioning 
** Rheem Air Conditioning 
** Trane Air Conditioning 
** All other major A/C brands.

AZ A/C Service is not just about offering brand name air conditioning units. American Cooling and Heating also provides Arizona customers with the Best Air Conditioning Prices available. The company meets current hard times by maintaining a discounted inventory of quality air conditioning units and components, including:

** Heat Pumps 
** Air Conditioning Package Units 
** Air Conditioning Split Systems 
** Air Conditioning Condensing Units 
** Air Conditioning Air Handlers 
** And All HVAC Products.

With unmatched products, an on-time, every-time delivery schedule and the best trained technicians in the field, American Cooling and Heating challenges customers to present any written bid from a written bid from a licensed competitor. In almost all cases they will beat the purposed pricing. Let a quality A/C Service center help save money on the next Air Conditioning purchase.

American Cooling and Heating: Professional installation workmanship on every job

The best way to assure that new air conditioning systems functions correctly is to make certain that they are installed by a reputable Arizona HVAC sales, installation and service center. The American Cooling and Heating Service Center will never dispatch untrained technicians.

Every manufacturer provides detailed installation specifications unique to each HVAC model they produce. It is the installer’s job to work according to those specifications. American Cooling and Heating takes that responsibility with pride.

When choosing American Cooling and Heating for AC Installation, it can expected to receive:

** Honesty and Reliability 
** A+ Better Business ratings 
** Competitive pricing 
** Professional installation 
** Free estimates 
** Excellent warranty protection 
** Emergency Service 
** Satisfaction.

American Cooling and Heating provides warranties that cover parts and labor.

Every quality manufacturer provides various types of warranties that cover the craftsmanship of the products they produce. Amana offers an outstanding Lifetime Limited Warranty. The typical Carrier warranty includes a 10-year Limited warranty and the option for additional labor coverage. The basic Ruud Limited Warranty includes a 10-year parts clause on air handlers, condensers, heat pumps and gas furnaces. As a subsidy to existing manufacturer parts warranties, the installation workmanship of American Cooling and Heating carries a lifetime warranty.

Don’t put up with vain promises. When a new A/C or heating unit is purchased from American Cooling and Heating, clients will receive the best factory warranties available. Call Now For Immediate Pricing Or For A Free In Home Estimate and please visit:

American Cooling and Heating provides Arizona with top-quality Air Conditioning Equipment, including units with SEER ratings from 13 SEER up to 27 SEER. The price is always right on target. The sale includes full, factory authorized installation services.

Air Conditioning Installation with quality workmanship, American Cooling and Heating will always be there, on time, and with time to do the job right, serving Arizona 24/7, 365 days a year

Indoor Air Pollutants – The Unwanted and Sometimes Harmful Risk Factors to Arizona Living; Your Arizona Guide to In-Home High Efficiency Air Purification

American Cooling and Heating offers Arizona residents up-to-date details on current and emerging air conditioning technology, heat management and high efficiency air purification products.

Face it. Anywhere near Phoenix AZ makes for a great place to live. Yet every home endures a certain amount of unwanted, indoor air pollutants. In fact, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ranks indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental health risks faced by U.S. citizens.

Indoor air pollution builds up via in-home activities such as cooking, cleaning and even indoor remodeling projects. To eliminate the associated risk factors, an Arizona homeowner should attempt to replace the polluted indoor air with clean outdoor air. However, ventilation systems are occasionally rendered inefficient due to unfavorable weather conditions or extreme accumulations of contaminants in the outdoor air.

At times, homeowners must embrace alternative air cleaning methods. The wise residents of Scottsdale AZ are known for making use of indoor air cleaning devices. They use the high efficiency models of air purification products that attach to your home furnace or air handler system. This provides a whole-house solution that works by removing or destroying air contaminants before they are recycled back into your home air supply.

When seeking a quality air cleaning system, don’t class portable room air cleaners in the same category as high efficiency air purification products.

Portable units are designed for single room service. High Efficiency Air Purification Products are designed for whole-home air cleaning. If a standard ventilation system is letting you down, equip your air conditioning unit with a high efficiency air purification product that provides a whole-house solution.

Types of High Efficiency Air Purification Products

You might think that the removal of indoor air pollution from your air-conditioning system is a single-point process. However, the air cleaning market provides several options with each designed to remove certain types of pollutants, including: 

  • Particle Removal
  • Gaseous Pollutant Removal
  • Pollutant Destruction.
  • Mechanical
  • Electronic
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Light Technology

Particle removal systems use mechanical air filters and/or electronic air cleaners. Mechanical filters capture pollution particles on air filter materials. Electronic air cleaning systems use electrostatic precipitators to charge and trap air pollution particles on an oppositely charged collector plate. Electronic ion generators force airborne particles to bond and settle faster, thus clearing the air much quicker than normal.

Gas-phase air filters use “sorbent” materials such as activated carbon to absorb the air pollutants. Gas-phase filters are typically pollutant specific. They are limited in scope and the number of gaseous pollutants that can be handled.

Ultraviolet (UV) light technology actually destroys the pollutants that can contaminate your Arizona home. Typically called ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) units, these air cleaners are capable of eliminating allergens, bacteria, molds and viruses. UVGI units are intended to supplement rather than replace your HVAC filtration system.

American Cooling and Cooling – Licensed, Bonded, Insured Arizona Resource for High Efficiency Air Purification Products

We deal with residential, commercial and industrial HVAC and refrigeration needs. Founded in 1993, we have a proven reputation for providing Arizona residents with top line air purification products, efficient installation and quality customer satisfaction. We handle: 

  • Corrosion-resistant Amana whole-house HEPA filter systems designed to remove atmospheric and household dust, bacteria, cooking smoke, insecticides, lint, mold, pollen and more.
  • Carrier Infinity Air Purifiers that trap and kill air pollutants. This award-winning high efficiency air purification product kills airborne pathogens and re-purifies indoor air throughout the whole house.
  • Rheem Air Cleaners eliminate dust, mildew, molds, pollen and viruses from within your Chandler AZ indoor air supply.
  • Trane Air cleaners known to be able to rid your Phoenix AZ home of over 99.9% of the airborne allergens that make life miserable.
  • Many Others.

American Cooling and Heating providing Arizona with 24-hour high efficiency air purification products and services in the following areas: Chandler AZ, Gilbert AZ, Glendale AZ, Mesa AZ, Peoria AZ, Phoenix AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Tempe AZ, All Other Areas.

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