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Fall Furnace Inspection Reduces Emergency Gilbert Furnace Repairs

Emergency Gilbert Furnace Repairs – Not a Pleasurable Winter Experience

In the battle to reduce the need for emergency Gilbert furnace repairs, many AZ homeowners fail to take advantage of fall furnace inspection specials. The heating season is just around the corner. Losing home heating in the dead of a harsh winter night is no pleasurable experience – even when access to 24-hour Gilbert furnace repair services can reduce the strain.

Heat system cleaning, inspection and maintenance are critical to efficient and durable furnace services. If you don’t mind crawling amid the critters beneath your home, breathing attic dust or risking missing a key component of the cleaning process, you can inspect your own AZ furnace. Or you can call American Cooling and Heating. These seasoned air conditioning pros provide reasonably priced furnace inspections, furnace cleaning services and Gilbert furnace repairs.

For more information on ACH Gilbert furnace services, click here.

An Early Start Best Avoids the Need For Emergency Gilbert Furnace Repairs

Procrastination marks human nature. Although test starting your furnace early in the season can eliminate panic calls for emergency heating repairs, most people still wait until cold weather is already knocking at the doors and windows. Procrastinating until the day the temperature drops assures that a failed furnace will put you into the mist of the Arizona emergency furnace repairs crowd. Don’t go there. One call to a Gilbert furnace repair center while fall is still in the early stages may prevent you from facing the extended line of late demand on limited HVAC resources.

Tips for DIY Gilbert Furnace Repairs

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, residential home furnace inspectors must know and understand the difference between various types of home heating equipment. Without identifying the specifics of a particular type of heating system, you cannot recognize the heating method, identify defective materials or clearly explain cause and effect.

Other common components of a Gilbert heating inspection include knowing:

  • How the installed heating system operates
  • How to maintain the heating system
  • How to identify and correct common furnace problems
  • How to draw correct conclusions concerning the apparent condition of the heating system
  • Have the skill and the experience to clearly justify his or her opinions, observations and recommendations to the homeowner.

Tips For Safe Gilbert Furnace Operation

Having your furnace inspected and cleaned by a bonded, insured and licensed AZ air conditioning contractor is your best assurance of a safe, efficient and reliable heating system. But for safe furnace operation, you too have some measure of responsibility:

  • Keep the filters clean
  • Keep the airflow paths free of furniture and other blockages
  • On gas systems, locate an tag the gas shutoff valve
  • Don’t assume that a blown fuse is due to a minor power glitch
  • Address any odd or random noises that indicate possible furnace failure.

American Cooling and Heating provides Gilbert furnace repairs, Gilbert furnace inspections and Gilbert furnace installation. Prices are reasonable, flat rate and upfront. Service is available 24/7 throughout the Phoenix region of Arizona, including Mesa, Scottsdale and Gilbert. The company repairs and installs all major brands of heating and cooling equipment including Amana, Carrier and Goodman.

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Monsoon Safety – Phoenix AC Installation Tips For Dealing With The Severity of Arizona Weather Phenomenon

Phoenix AC Installation Designed to Promote Monsoon Safety

ACH Trane Air Conditioner SaleIt’s mid-week in the Arizona Monsoon Awareness Program. Area homeowners and business owners are keenly aware of the dangers associated with this serious Arizona weather phenomenon, but perhaps some don’t know exactly how to respond to the threats. American Cooling and Heating has geared up to help handle the increased demand for Gilbert AC repairs, new Scottsdale Air Conditioning installations, and all the other compounded AC service calls passing through the Phoenix area.

If you need emergency AC installation or Heat Pump repair anywhere from Chandler up to Peoria or from Scottsdale down to Buckeye, AC&H is on hand to provide immediate Air Conditioning Repairs or Air Conditioning Replacement on all major brands. American Cooling and Heating service trucks are fully stocked with components for Amana, Carrier, Goodman, Lennox, Rheem, Trane and others. The courteous AC&H technicians can correct Heat Pump problems, AC systems and furnace units. Call for an immediate appointment.

Arizona Air Conditioning Only One Component in Monsoon Safety Considerations

The Phoenix based American Cooling and Heating Website site is more than a mere sales tool to a for-profit Arizona Air Conditioning service center. The company strives to provide pertinent information relevant to current Valley Metro residents and businesses.

Dealing with the severity of Arizona weather phenomenon requires awareness of the total issue and not merely those components that are associated with Phoenix AC repairs. The following Monsoon safety tips will help you protect your family during the current Arizona Monsoon season.

Dust Storms

Linked to Microbursts, dust storms (haboobs) can kill. Never drive in a haboob. There are no reduced visibility options. If you get caught in a dust storm: 

  • Park the vehicle off the road
  • Turn off your headlights
  • Leave the vehicle in park and avoid putting your foot on the brake pedal.
  • Stay in the vehicle.
  • Do not move until the storm is passed. 

Flash Flooding

Understand the danger of moving water. Flash floods rank as the number one thunderstorm-associated killer. More often than not, the deaths occur in vehicles. Even water depths less than two feet can carry your truck or car into disaster. When flash flood warnings are in effect: 

  • Avoid entering moving water.
  • Keep close watch over young children. During thunderstorms, it only takes moments for a creek or a wash to turn deadly.
  • When traveling at night, avoid roads that are known for flooding. Darkness hinders your ability to judge water depth and road conditions. 

Wind – The Microbursts

Thunderstorms often produce sudden thrusts of downward air gusts, commonly called “downburst winds,” but technically identified as Microbursts. The force of a Microburst can exceed 100 mph. The danger to person and property is sudden, extensive and possibly deadly. Clouds of ground level dust may accompany the Microburst.

For safety during Monsoon thunderstorms: 

  • Get inside a sturdy structure
  • Avoid windows and glass doors
  • Use a battery operated radio to keep track of current news. 


According to the Arizona Division of Public Health Services (DPHS), heat related fatalities in the area are on the rise. In 2011, 206 U.S. citizens died as a result of extreme heat. This is 68 more heat related deaths than what occurred in 2010, and it is almost double the preceding ten year average.

The Arizona DPHS describes AZ heat as “more than a nuisance – it is lethal.” Authorities define heat as the nation’s number one weather-related killer. Recognize the threat and take appropriate defensive actions.

Here is how to survive the intense Arizona Monsoon temperatures: 

  • Restrict outdoor projects to the cooler hours of the day either mornings or evenings
  • Wear clothing suitable for extreme heat conditions
  • Take breaks, often and then more often
  • Take advantage of any nearby Air Conditioned structures
  • Drink water, in excess of all that you think you need
  • Keep an eye on the elderly, the young and people with known health conditions
  • Never leave children, pets or any other living creature in a vehicle that lacks adequate ventilation and/or functional air conditioning.
  • If you or someone with you experiences heat stroke — Call for emergency assistance. 

Home AC Installation Experts – American Cooling and Heating

American Cooling and Heating provides Valley wide residential, commercial and industrial Phoenix Air Conditioning services. Company technicians and AC repair experts are proficient in all types of cooling, heating, heat pumps, furnaces, air handlers, refrigeration and HVAC equipment. Current specials include reduced pricing on Trane AC systems throughout Gilbert, Scottsdale, Mesa and other Phoenix areas.

Call Now To Find Out What’s On Sale And For Immediate Pricing Or For A FREE In Home Estimate!

Please Call For Pricing For Your Specific Requirements. AC&H provides all types of Air Conditioning Equipment and Systems to Arizona. Stocked HVAC Equipment ranges from SEER Ratings of 13 SEER up to 27 SEER. AC&H is also APS Qualified and SRP Qualified. Factory Rebates and Tax Incentives may be available for select Air Conditioning Products and Systems.

Arizona A/C Service American Cooling and Heating Announces Expanded Support For Gilbert AZ Trane Air Conditioning Systems Repair And A/C Installations

In Order to Assure Gilbert Arizona Residents of Delay Free Air Conditioning Repair Services, American Cooling and Heating Progressively Enhances the Dispatch-Enabled Trane AC Replacement and Trane AC Repair Support Services Available To Their Gilbert A/C Service Center.

American Cooling And Heating provides enhanced Trane Air Conditioning Systems support to Gilbert Arizona and surrounding areas.

“Weather Underground predicts Friday temperatures in Gilbert to crest at 113 degrees Fahrenheit with highs across the board for the month lingering around 109. We have to be prepared for emergency AC service requirements. Here at AC&H, we are making Trane Air Conditioning replacement equipment a main line of defense. We have also stocked up on Trane AC repair components,” Management, AC&H Gilbert AC service center.”

American Cooling and Heating – Prominent Gilbert Information Resource Center

AC&H is a long-time supporter of Trane HVAC products. The company Website provides an extended library of Trane AC manuals, PDF training guides and unit-specific consumer brochures. The web site HVAC news center offers various Trane AC repair tips and Trane equipment maintenance tips. Keeping home and business central air conditioners performance enabled, efficiency empowered and service assured is the primary AC&H goal for this Gilbert workforce enhancement program.

Modernized Equipment

Servicing Trane air conditioners can get complex. The new aluminum-based coil systems require better protection and slightly different cleaning methods than do the older copper-based coil systems. The condenser coils are no longer merely wire wrapped, easy to clean and easily susceptible to external damage factors. Unit cabinets are designed to fully encase the condenser coils. Splashing off dirt with a water hose is no longer the basic means of cleaning.

And it is not merely a condition relevant to aluminum coils. In an effort to reduce manufacturing expenses and to provide the same cooling capacity as the Trane ComfortLink™ systems, makers of copper-based condenser coils have switched to thinner wall tubing. As such, the damage risk factor increases over the associated risk factors of older units. Copper coils, just like the aluminum units, are now fully confined within a heavier cabinet structure.

Any type of efficient Gilbert AC repair, Gilbert AC maintenance or Gilbert AC replacement service involves the need for greater technical know-how, service skills and specific unit training. Every type of AC service call now demands more time and concern with technical applications.

Helping Gilbert Customers Avoid Air Conditioning Downtime

When a Gilbert AC service tech fails to arrive on time, customers suffer additional discomfort, wasted time and, in some cases, serious health threats. By ramping up the availability of trained field technicians, American Cooling and Heating can assure Gilbert business owners and homeowners that delayed arrivals, missed appointments and unnecessary system downtime can be avoided.

Founded in 1993, AC&H has crafted a reputation for integrity, quality AC workmanship and extended customer services. Arizona desert temperatures push air conditioning equipment to the limits of durability. The AC&H heating and cooling service team provides on time, reliable and technically proficient Gilbert Arizona Trane AC repair services and Gilbert Arizona Trane AC replacement services.

From handling the recommended Trane bi-annual preventative maintenance service process to responding to emergency health-related Trane AC repair requirements, American Cooling and Heating is prepared to meet the most stringent Gilbert cooling complications with a minimum of fuse, delay or expenses. The AC&H technicians arrive on time in a fully equipped service vehicle and with the skills necessary to assure that the repaired or replaced air conditioning unit functions at the best efficiency level available to the given model of Trane AC equipment.

Reliable Gilbert Trane AC Maintenance Services

Beat down the brutal Gilbert Arizona summer heat wave. American Cooling and Heating maintenance services included:

 Clean or replace air filters
 Cleaning inside the system cabinet
 Cleaning the coil
 Correcting any refrigerant-related pressure problems
 Clearing all drain openings
 Inspecting fan blades
 Lubricating fan motors in cases where lubrication is possible
 Examining the control box, relays, circuit boards and other control accessories
 Pressure test the compressor and tubing
 Examine existing duct system for leaks or torn insulation
 Remove dirt, lint and soil from the evaporator coil.

Full System Gilbert AC Replacement Services For Trane and Others

AC&H is fully licensed, bonded and Insured for any Valley Metro AC replacement or AC repair service. The company provides 24-hour turn-around, professional heating and air conditioning replacement and installation services in Phoenix AZ, Paradise Valley AZ, Gilbert AZ, Mesa AZ, Scottsdale AZ, and all other areas in Arizona. Licenses are as follows:

 AZROC K79 license 183933 Residential, Commercial, Industrial, HVAC and Refrigeration Contractor.
 AZROC KB2 license 238225 Residential, Commercial General Contractor.
 TDLR TACLA21146C Residential, Commercial, Industrial, HVAC and Refrigeration Contractor.

Supported heating and cooling products include Amana, Carrier, Goodman, Rheem, Trane and all other major brands. The AC&H team is trained commercial, industrial and residential AC replacement, installation, repair and services. Prices, discounts and warranties are competitive to other value-added Gilbert AC repair centers.

Furthermore, AC&H warrants that their Gilbert AC repair and replacement program is second to none if quality, reliability and durability.

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Gilbert Air Conditioning Service Center American Cooling and Heating Gears Up To Provide The Best In Service Readiness

In Order To Ensure Rapid Customer Support In Spite of Increased Demands On Gilbert Air Conditioning Repair Centers, Arizona AC Service Provider, American Cooling and Heating, Augments Local HVAC Parts And Equipment Inventory Supply.

Gilbert Air Conditioning Repair and Air Conditioning Installation Service Center American Cooling And Heating has prepared to provide fast A/C Services in Arizona.

“In the face of rising temperatures and a host of short-stocked Gilbert AC repair centers,” says the AC&H Gilbert Regional service manager, “American Cooling and Heating intends to keep pace with every current and upcoming customer heating and cooling emergency.”

Definition of a Fully Equipped Gilbert Air Conditioning Service Center

The Arizona summer has arrived. Throughout the Phoenix region, rising temperatures have forced some Mesa, Scottsdale and Gilbert AC service centers to rack up an undesirable backlog of failed commitments to customer schedules and the promised arrival or air conditioning repair technicians.

Even as Gilbert temperatures dance amid the rising waves of scorching hot air, this city ignites the excitement of people with a mind for open spaces. Stunning desert landscapes wrap the boarders yet big city conveniences remain near to needs of every Gilbert resident. However, the beauty of the Arizona desert can be deceptive. One hundred plus degree temperatures are dangerous. Life in Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert or any other desert community can quickly shift from pleasant to deadly.

At times, having access to a fully equipped Gilbert AC service center can be the difference between remaining at home and being forced to flee the weather by seeking temporary housing. American Cooling and Heating is here to help prevent such occurrences.

To ensure that Gilbert residents and Gilbert workers remain free from the threats associated with a broken or poorly functional cooling system, AC&H has:

• Beefed up local resources 
• Increased their local stock of AC components 
• Increased internal servicing and monitoring of all company-owned equipment 
• Arranged, on an as needed basics, to draft company service techs from all nearby AC&H service facilities.

A Division in Quality

AC&H believes in honest pricing for reliable customer service and service readiness. Being prepared makes the difference between panic and reliable services. With American Cooling and Heating, Gilbert residents and businesses need not fear the AC service delays so often caused by Gilbert repair centers that are:

• Under staffed 
• Short of vehicles 
• Struggling with against financial resources 
• Ill-equipped for adequately training AC service technicians 
• Lacking in the tech-power necessary to handle the seasonal workload.

Lacking high overhead due to short staffing, failing to stock equipment or working with service-hampered vehicles may enable some Gilbert Air Conditioning Repair Centers to provide reduced pricing and low cost labor. Yet is the perceived up-front cost savings worth:

• The delays in service 
• The possibility of future problems due to poorly trained technicians 
• OR the lack of reliable customer support?

Equipped, Trained and Stocked For Service

American Cooling and Heating recognizes the health risks related to long-term exposure to uncontrolled Arizona temperatures. Speedy Gilbert AC service helps reduce those risks. Providing dependable 24-hour AC repair, service or installation demands the resources of a prepared Service Center. Thus AC&H announces full compliance to the definition of a fully equipped Gilbert Air Conditioning Service Center. The company offers Gilbert residents:

• Guaranteed 24-hour service-call turnaround 
• Experienced cooling service technicians skilled with Amana, Carrier, Goodman, Rheem, Trane and others 
• Drug-free management, sales personnel and AC service crews 
• Unsurpassed customer support services 
• A local storehouse stocked with component parts for Amana, Carrier, Goodman, Rheem, Trane or any other top heating and cooling products 
• Customer assurance that AC&H has the financial backing necessary to manage any home, business or industrial Gilbert AC Service requirements.

Bottom Line

Arriving on site, on time and ready to work is the first element required for doing the job right. Arriving in dependable vehicles stocked with the necessary components for handling all types of heating and cooling equipment, including AC equipment manufactured by Amana, Carrier, Goodman, Rheem, Trane and other top HVAC equipment providers is the second element required to do the job right.

Arriving with the skills, technical know-how and the professional on site behavior or a pro AC repairperson adds the finishing touches.

American Cooling and Heating provides satisfaction-guaranteed installation and 24 hour, same-day commercial heating and cooling services for Chandler AZ, Gilbert AZ, Glendale AZ, Mesa AZ, Peoria AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Sun City AZ, Tempe AZ, Queen Creek AZ, All Other Areas in the Greater Phoenix AZ Metro.

Understanding Your Phoenix Air Conditioning System: AC Condenser Coils the Function and Purpose

Internal View of AC, including Condenser CoilsThe quality, design and effectiveness of your Phoenix AC Condenser coil play a critical role in your battle against the extremes of Arizona temperature shifts. Efficient heating and cooling of your home involves much more than merely selecting a heat pump, an AC or a split system. To create a complete and efficient Air Conditioning system, your Phoenix AC installer must select and match your condenser to the appropriate sub-components.

But what makes Air Conditioning Condenser Coils so critical to the function of the system? Consider the following three principles of AC mechanics and operation: 

  • The system compressor pushes pressurized gas through the AC Condenser Coils
  • The condenser converts the gas to liquid
  • The process is based upon the principle of heat transference wherein heat always tends to shift toward the cooler of two or more materials or substances. 

Your AC condenser coils are designed to transfer heat into the air that passes over the coils. As the transfer process takes place, the gas in the coils condenses. However, the molecular structure of AC Refrigerants varies by type. Condensers used with R-12, R-134 and R410A systems are not interchangeable. Upgrading your Phoenix AC unit to a different refrigerant system is complex and expensive.  

For more details on problems associated with older refrigerants, check the May 1st American Cooling and Heating article on the Montreal Protocol.


What Happens Inside the Unit 

As your home AC compressor increases the pressure against the refrigerant, a strange process occurs: Heat within the system begins to accumulate into a single region of the unit. The temperature of the refrigerant begins to exceed the ambient temperature of the air cycling across the condenser coils. Clogged fins hinder the function of the condenser. Your home or business AC begins to perform with less efficiency and may even freeze the coils. If your system seems sluggish or sometimes freezes up, contact the AC&H Phoenix AC Repair center. Our full-service heating and cooling maintenance and tune-up program leaves no condenser fin un-check.


High Condenser Pressure Opposed to Low Condenser Pressure

Some Gilbert AC Service techs may add too much oil to your air conditioning system. This results in flooding wherein your condenser unit develops high head. This hinders the evaporator process of your Mesa Air Conditioning system. Cooling becomes less and less efficient.

Here are some the indications of AC troubles and the associated causes: 

  • Too-High Condenser Pressure – Typically evidenced by excessive head pressure on the high side of the gauge. Caused by hindered or reduced airflow over the condenser coils or restricted refrigerant flow in the high side of the system.
  • Too-Low Condenser Pressure – A reversed situation wherein the pressure on the low side gauge exceed normal expectations. Typically involves reduced heat exchange in the AC Condenser, which permits excessive heat to remain in the system’s low side. Can be caused by a filed compressor piston or reed valve.


Copper Versus Aluminum Condenser Coils 

This is an ongoing argument. AC systems with aluminum condenser coils typically cost less than systems with copper condenser coils. However, some techs argue that copper condenser coils are stronger and more durable than aluminum condenser coils. Issues concerning corrosion, weight and system expense are also components of the arguments. The May 9 AC&H article compares aluminum condensing coils against copper condensing coils. Perhaps it will help you better understand the reasoning behind these component battles. 

American Cooling and Heating provides Phoenix AC Installation and Repair throughout the greater Metro Valley area, including Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale and other communities. If you have questions or need help, call us now. Our 24-hour response team is ready and able to provide honest and accurate guidance on all matters pertaining to home or business AC installation or services.

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